$25/30GB on the Sprint network


FAQ: https://help.ting.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022158973-Franklin-R850-30GB-Mobile-Hotspot-FAQs

We've been working on this for a while. We got a price break from our CDMA carrier and rather than wait for the GSM carrier to follow suit, we're opening up the hotspot (non-BYOD) to existing Ting customers to get a fixed 30GB for $25.

Important deets:

  • No BYOD. You've got to use the linked hotspot purchased from us. It's a contingency of the plan.

  • Requires an existing Ting line, preferably CDMA (so you know what coverage is like)

  • fixed price of $25 and a cap of 30GB. Use it however you'd like, including as a home internet replacement.

  • $6 line fee is included in that $25, so it's $25 + other lines + other usage + taxes. If you have one other Ting line you do nothing with, that's $25 + $6 + $0 + taxes.

  • You can get multiples for $25/month each, and they'll each have 30GB of data.

Or we could just use this thread to talk about RingPlus again. Your choice. :silly:

Can the Franklin R850 (and plan profile) fall back to 3G if LTE isn't available?

Do you know if the R850 will run on the AC adapter without the battery installed? (Not a big deal if one is using it for portable, but a nice feature if used as home internet.)

No RingPlus talk but this doesn't compare favorably with [b]Sprint Kickstart $25/mo. plan that gets you Unlimited talk, text and data.
Tethering is trivial. Chelle and other smart people tout PdaNet+ and there are many other options including Free ones.
Why would someone pay more for less on Ting rather than pay less and get more with the Sprint Mothership(Unlimited Talk and Text and Data with probable better data prioritization)?

Sprint does not intend for users on Kickstart to tether. Doing so may be a ToS violation. If done in excess, your account may be terminated.

Ting's dedicated hotspot offering is quite competitive.

If you find a cheaper unlimited dedicated hotspot offering, it probably involves using the device and/or service in a way not intended by the carrier (eg; AT&T mobley/connected car $20 unlimited plan).

[strike]It should be provisioned that way, yes. I don't see anything specifically restricting 3G on our end. I'll update this post if that changes.[/strike] Looks like the device itself has no 3G fallback, per Chelle. LTE only.

Chelle thinks so.

It's funny how other highly respected forum members talk explicitly about ignoring ToS violations and exploiting loopholes and get entire threads and upvotes but anything critical or comparative to your beloved Ting gets rabid defense using ToS as an argument. For the record: "If done in excess, your account may be terminated." might be true, also an asteroid may hit you in the head tomorrow but I wouldn't count on it. Many people on slickdeals and reddit do exactly what I am talking about. If you are trying a scare tactic it is ludicrous. If you are trying to claim some holier than thou high moral ground ... good luck with that.

The Franklin R850 is LTE only. No 3G. No CDMA.

It supports bands 25, 26, 41 (Sprint Spark).

It supports carrier aggregation.

Yes, it will run with power connected and no battery installed. When I was with 4gCommunity that's how I ran mine.

One thing I like about it is the hidden menu in Settings. In my area there is one Sprint band that's very slow (25, I think). I was able to disable that band and force the hotspot to always connect to a faster band.

For comparison, here are Sprint postpaid dedicated hotspot plans:

10 GB Mobile Hotspot Plan - $35/month
50 GB Mobile Hotspot Plan - $55/month
100 GB Mobile Hotspot Plan - $65/month

Subtract $5 for autopay discount.

The Sprint plans include unused data rollover (up to monthly allotment) and unlimited data at 2G speeds after high-speed data is used. Buy more high-speed data for $10/2 GB.

Just received word that an existing Ting line may not be required. If anyone wants in on this without having an existing Ting line, drop me an email at mitch@ting.com and I'll forward your information to the team launching the hotspots.

Amazing deal!

Circling back to confirm. No existing Ting lines required to take advantage of the $25/30GB deal.

It's a hard cap of 30GB per and you can buy multiple of them. I would even encourage it. Requires purchase of the R850 hotspot from Ting Shop - Get a great deal on new and refurbished phones., but it comes with a $25 Ting account credit once activated, making your first month effectively free.

No throttle, no metering. Just 30GB of unfiltered LTE.