2 Months free Tello Unlimited talk/text/2gb plan + $10 tello dollars

Use code CHEAPSKATE for 2 months of the Unlimited talk, text and 2gb plan for free. Or click the link here

(Thanks Cnet)

Use my referral code from https://www.nthcircle.com/forum/misc-telecom/76-referral-links-allowed-in-this-thread-only-hungryghost?start=60#27526 when you first create a new account for $10 of tello dollars as well (have to click referral code on the screen where you enter in your name, email for the first time - it is a little hidden).

Use right away for $10 paygo credit or money off your future plan. Thank you if you use it! Or use one of the other codes in the referral thread. Great way to get started with $10 of free tello paygo credit and try out their monthly plans.

Offer good until this Friday September 7. Best deal I've seen so far from Tello. Usually only one free month. $10 credit with referral code makes it even sweeter!!

Dang. I just switched to Tello a little over a week ago, so no promo for me. Oh, well, as the saying goes, timing is everything.

I'm very happy with Tello, though. Their fantastic customer service available by phone 24/7/365 (a huge plus for people like me) more than makes up for the lack of roaming capability.

Hope lots of folks take advantage of the promo. Thanks for your OP, @mmfacemm, and welcome back!!! :slight_smile:

DD are you paying $14 for your plan?
Does that plan better compare with UNREAL (unl min/text/1GB) for $10?

Thanks for asking! Please see my PM to you.