2 minute lag between ad prints

I just made an observation, seems the page would spin for 2 minutes before it 'finish loading'. Perhaps there is a 2 minute timer to slow down the users. So min investment of 15 min to print the 7 ads daily. 70 cents for 15 min so we are earning $2.80 per hour.

Noticed the same delay today while printing as well.

I had issues with slow printing, and failed printing this evening-- but some ran normally. I didn't think to time the slow ones.

I ran into slow printing, yesterday, but it was back to normal, today.

Maybe it was an issue that's been fixed.

Did not notice the issue described today when printing the typical 14 in between the two.

It's been consistent 2-3 min lag for me. Weird.

I've had terrible problems with slow 'printing' to google drive in the last few days. Updated the G Drive app on 2 phones tonight, and printing seemed to return to normal speed. (I have my phones set to not update apps automatically, and usually choose to leave well enough alone....)

I am printing to the Chromebook local drive...

Tried on free wifi at a coffee shop, immediate print/page load completion, no 2 min lag. I guess my home internet must be "VPN'd" through NSA or something. :frowning:

Maybe you have one of those providers that changes ip address. I read about that in general

That is in fact odd. I wonder if a VPN (free), would solve the problem. It's just to print coupons after all.

Great idea, let me call the NSA to take me off their VPN. haha

... so looks like "problem solved"

You're definitely a "glass half full" kind of guy, PEW!