$2 bucks a month and NO swiping!

If your finger is tired and so is your brain, here is a very cheap option. Sign up for the paid 10 dollar per month plan on Red Pocket. Get a Bank of America Better Balance Rewards credit card. Charge the 10 bucks a month on the credit card. Every 3 months "Better Balance" will credit your account 25 bucks if you paid it off in full each month.

So that comes out to a credit of $8.33 every month. So if you pay 10 bucks and get a credit of 8.33, then your actual cost is ONLY 1.67 per month! Would you pay 1.67 per month if you didn't have to 'swipe'? I would. You can google Better Balance Rewards to get the link. No annual fee. Win, win.

More than one way to skin a cat.

But if I use that card to do grocery shopping I will have to pay nothing for phone service and save $8.33 each month.


I do have that boa master card but use $120/year for other purpose.

I am pleased with my xm+fp , it costs me $3.08/month for unlimited call/unlimited worldwide sms/600Mb(or N*600Mb if switch sim) data.

Oh well. Was going to ask. What if you did it with tpo. Does not need to be with red pocket.

mmfacemm what is discontinued? (the credit card? the plan? )
Min68 what does "xm+fp" stand for?

I'm guessing Xfinitiy plus a FreedomPop SIM for data.

That boa card does not accept new user any more. I agreed this is best credit card in the world. Spend $1/month, get $120 cashback every year.

Xm+fp means using dual sim unlocked phone for xfinity mobility(voice,sms) +freedompop (data)

Yes the credit card is discontinued and has been for some time. It was a highly abused card and it is amazing it lasted so long.

Sad to hear Better Balance is no longer being offered. An alternative is to get a card with a sign up bonus which is essentially the same thing. The current bonus amounts range from 100 - 600 dollars. I have made over $13,000 doing this for the past 2 years. In doing so, I even won the "Thrifty Guy of the Year for 2017". Here is the link if you want to check it out. 2nd Annual Thrifty Guy of the Year Contest | Three Thrifty Guys

That's impressive, Keith! Way to go!