$2.50/Month Prepaid Plan(CDMAS): 200 Talk 1000 Text 200MB

I just spotted this annual plan on ebay for Red Pocket's Sprint service.
$30 a year for 200 Talk 1000 Text 200MB.
It includes a free sim card, if necessary.

It appears to be a limited time offer.

There's also a 10% ebay discount available. ==> POWERTEN

Yes there is some discussion already in the hot deals thread. Seems like a decent plan for $27.

You can use the coupon on tracfone and other redpocket plans too. So the $50 tracfone annual plan is $45.

I have no experience with Red Pocket.

If buying the $30 ebay plan ("Existing Sprint SIM"), what is the procedure to activate/port in number?

Can number be ported in from Sprint MVNO (eg; Tello)?

Are Sprint phones without SIM cards (no LTE) supported?

Are there any usage requirements to keep line active?

Thank you.

Note that I haven't signed up for this particular plan. My comments are based on Red Pocket's similar FreedomPop CDMA offer, which is 200 min/500 text/200mb for $2.99 + tax for a month-to-month plan

Standard Red Pocket process is they mail an activation code (a plan PIN code) , and a link. From there, I assume it follows the standard Red Pocket process of entering a bunch of info on an online form. (Normal stuff for porting, except they ask for billing name and address on the account of the losing carrier.....)
If you select the "need a SIM' option, I think it will work the same way: I don't think there is such a thing as a pre-loaded Sprint SIM.

I ported from Ting (Sprint MVNO) to the Red Pocket/FreedomPop CDMA plan, so I don't think there are limitations.

Based on the similarity to the Red Pocket/FreedomPop/CDMA offer, almost surely no usage requirements. (It would be unusual to have usage requirements on a paid plan-- once you've paid your non-refundable dollars, I think they'd be fine with you not using anything you've already paid for.)

Just a warning: my experience with Red Pocket's $2.99 plan definitely hasn't had trouble-free activation or account management. I set up 3 in a little over a month's time. All 3 had to be followed up with customer service to get the lines working. One initially had non-working data. 2 had billing issues. So far, all the problems have been addressed by customer service, but maybe not the best choice for a plan if one is easily aggravated.


I ordered this plan. It works like a regular Red Pocket plan. They send a plan PIN code and a link to activate the account.
If you need a sim card for your sprint phone, they send another link in a separate email where you go and enter your IMEI and they send you a sim card for your phone. If you don't need a sim card, you can proceed to activate without waiting for a sim card by mail.

I suspect this process will be trouble free like a standard RP plan, unlike the issues related to the FP CDMA plan issues noted.

Well I was wrong about this plan being trouble free. For some reason I had to contact RP support each month to get them to reset my plan. To RP's credit, the support staff have reset my plan within a couple minutes each time.

I hope they get this sorted out, I feel like I'm on going through the monthly process of renewing a Surge Phone plan but having paid for the plan.

I thought track CS was useless but after recently puting a family member on RP RP is challenging track ineptness/ineffective systems with their inability to correct simple basic phone/VM issues.
Bad impression so far.