18:9 tall screens? Thoughts?

What does everyone think of these tall 18:9 screens that seem to be the fashion this year. Seems like all phones will be heading in that direction eventually.

Personally I am not keen on them. I've tried a few but there is too much going on - the extra space doesn't serve any added purpose. I like some bezel to phones too. The screens seem larger but are as wide as they used to be - so don't really fit in much extra.

Seems pointless to me, too-- but they may be geared towards wide-screen media consumption in landscape mode.
It's also possible that some folks like the overall-larger screen size, but are tired of trying to get their hand around wider screens.....

Appears to be marketing targeting the ever growing use of and, thus, demand for quality video on smartphones. Anything, no matter if it's a technical advance or not, that appears to enhance the video experience on phones, will help sell those phones. My hope is that phone makers will find a way find a way for me to clearly see my phone screen while outdoors standing in sunlight in both 16:9 or 18:9 aspect ratio.