12 more FAKE 5 star reviews for cellnuvo on google play store

After 2 years, cellnuvo had 18 5 star reviews on google play store.

In 2 days, they got another 12!

I've reported them.

You do not know if they are fake. Maybe me and 11 friends gave it to them

You also bad mouth cellnuvo to Tello

You are taking a personal interest in closing cellnuvo.

You never used them yet you seem to hate them.

It makes me sick. Please stop

Thank you for this reviewer! I forgot this guy JTR71 is Freedompop and Xfinity Mobile lover. I forgot to bring that up at the other Tello thread. May be JTR71 should ask Tello to partner up with his Freedompop & XFinity Mobile lovers. With Freedompop, when you talk, you don't have to drive over the cliff and into the ocean to make callers feel like you're talking under 6 ft. of water, because you're already are! Hahaha

That's the joke I heard people who have had Freedompop.

Thank you for laugh this reviewer below! You've made my day!
:lol: :lol: :lol:

I find it interesting how most of the 5 star reviews feature poor English, sometime incoherent sentences and weird names (eg Rebaca).

The comments appear to be bad translations.

Seems Tom is paying somebody running an overseas operation for these fake reviews.

As if there weren't already enough reasons to not trust him.

Typical of bully/basher, when someone hit them back, they'll start to cry and yell unfair and use full of excuses like calling them "fake". Bashers like JTS on here has been demanding no censorship and yet when the a particular reviewer said the truth, he tries to silent that reviewer and claims "fake". I know how bullies/bashers act so I have that review saved both on my hard drive and posted here in event he was able to shut down that reviewer.

As I said on here after reading endless mindless bashing from poster JTS, I were going to give new CN app 5 stars. So I did! I did exactly what I was going to do! I have 3 lines with CellNuvo so I know darn well what am talking ! Link of that thread here: https://www.nthcircle.com/forum/cellnuvo/1058-thomas-mannix-giving-fake-five-star-reviews-to-his-app#17378. I stand by my review!

Bullies/bashers like to dish out bitter medicines to others/make fun of people in troubles, someone weaker than them or people who don't fight back. However, when it comes for them tasting their own bitter medicines or receiving few really hard, hurtful punches back, they'll start to run and hide in their caves. Stop blaming Tom or your imagination friends for your immaturity man. Take responsible for your immature actions. Words to the wise: Be careful of who you're bullying or bashing on internet, 'cause it will only make that person look like a fool! Especially in real life, bullies/bashers can get hurt. Because sooner or later, these bullies/bashers will eventually meet their matches or someone will come to an aid of someone being bullied/bashed.

If someone who get on here just to play their bashing games and not be helpful to others, am down with that too. I can play a pretty mean anti-bully/anti-basher terminator too! I'm game! Hungry Ghost does what he needs to do because am going after the bashers punch for punch, bash by bash every chance I get even though I don't much time like him. If it gets me permanent ban from here, am perfectly fine with it. Just like am perfectly fine being sent to vice-principal offices and/or get suspended after confronting the bullies in school. Unlike coward bullies I have confronted with, I'll take full responsibility for my actions!

I have no problem going one-on-one with bully or pusher just like I had done when was in high school.

Can anybody tell me what's the point of the the 2 or 3 "rebuttals" in this thread. The OP has pointed out something factual -- lotsa new 5-ratings. Then he offers an opinion as to why.

If you can't rebut the fact or the opinion, the better thing to do is just skip over the thread. Don't bump it back to the top, ninnies!

FWIW I'm one of the chosen ones (as Hungry-Hog calls us). Both my lines work and I haven't used any Gold somehow. But I still know BS when I see it. CN would be better with less BS. (This forum too LOL)

I don't see anything wrong with pointing out that most of the recent 5-star reviews appear fake. They do-- and I imagine they'll appear fake to anyone who looks at the app: which as far as I can tell is exactly zero for anyone that's not already committed to CellNuvo at this ponit. (You can't do anything with the app if you don't already have a CellNuvo account, and you need the app if you do have a CellNuvo account, regardless of the ratings for the app.)

So it seems to me:
No point in anyone creating fake reviews for the app-- although it appears that someone has, either to pointlessly bolster app downloads (which would probably lead to more real negative reviews at this point in time), or to have a good reason to object to fake reviews. (Okay, a little paranoia here.)

No point in making trouble for CellNuvo by filing a complaint about the "fake" reviews (see above), other than to continue attempts to "bash" CellNuvo. Of course, that's reason enough for some folks.

Bottom line-- why worry about it? You either need the app regardless of reviews, or you don't need the app regardless of reviews.

Anyone who would like to support CellNuvo could go and leave an honest review of the app-- and I may do so this weekend. In my view, the swiping part of the app works well as intended to earn credits, just as it always has. The redemption part is getting better, but still far from completely functional.

Kent, the point of flagging fake reviews anywhere is so reviews will be helpful, instead of random noise. The "webmaster" of the Play Store can see if the fake reviews are coming from overseas, which would make them fake to any sentient human cuz the app has no use overseas.

The best review I'm seeing on the Play Store is some moron who's sending everybody to nthcircle.com...

I agree that this 'should' be the point of flagging fake reviews anywhere. I'm not sure that this is the point of the OP in flagging the reviews. There's possibly a difference.

I also don't see the point in extending flame wars to the Google Play store review section, and hope that doesn't happen.

Only the OP is getting flamed here and in the Play Store. You can't see that???!!!

I'm sure he can see that, but since he can also see the name of the OP, that's enough to justify ignoring the obvious.

You make absolutely no sense and even if you did, it is not that serious. That's great that you feel the CN app is good and wrote a review in support of that.

It does not mean that all the other reviews besides your are legit.

What is the point for people who never used cellnuvo to take such a hated interest. That they report with no proof mind you. To get cellnuvo taken off the play store.

If you have nothing to do with this company. Leave them alone. Do not try to shut them down. Cause trouble.

The guy who wrote about freedom pop. Was showing how hypocritical a person who touts freedom pop who has had serious issues in the past.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones

?? It would appear that I can see folks are getting flamed, and have attempted to discourage it.
I might disagree with your view of "only", however.

It appears that the main purpose of this thread is to antagonize the Cellnuvo members.
It's unfortunate that a few feel the need to create a toxic environment.

It would appear the main purpose of this thread is to inform the reader of information they may not have been aware of.