100M cap removal?

is it true that now I can use full data allotment (Sprint 1000M, LTE SIM 700M) without being charged 15 dollars at the 100M cap? I noticed the sign of such 100M cap removal, but I still receive data usage warning messages telling me that fp will charge me $15 once it hits the 100M cap.

I thought the 100mb cap was removed only if you had data Safety Mode enabled (at additional cost).

this is not the case as I have used over 600M and less than 700M in my LTE SIM but have never been charged $15. I don't subscribe to any service.

There is a post in Howardforum about this 100M cap removal.

However, I just checked the fp TOS and found that the 100M cap is still there.

Sorry, I didn't notice your original post referenced both Sprint devices and LTE SIMs-- i only noticed the Sprint part.

I think there may be a difference in the way CDMA and LTE (AT&T) SIMs are handled in regards to caps.
AT&T reports data usage to Freedompop in near real time. Sprint does not. I don't think the 100mb cap was ever enforced on the LTE (AT&T) SIMs: they used to do that limit at 20mb.

I don't know if I've read the HoFo discussion you're referencing: it may be newer and better information than I recall. It may also involve a confusion between the 2 types of plans FP offers.

It's certainly possible that FP might have removed either or both caps. The necessity of the cap on the Sprint plans seems logical to me without the "safety net" Freedompop is looking for from the extra-charge Safety Mode, since Sprint can report data usage in delay. (And used to not even report data usage until a data session had closed, although it seems I might have seen some indication somewhere that this Sprint issue has changed.)

Re: the TOS. make sure you're not looking at CDMA references and trying to apply it to both CDMA and AT&T SIMs. There's also no problem with a company deciding to be more lenient with 'policy' than the TOS rules if they choose to. (They can revert to the TOS terms at any time they desire, though.)

I tested my cdma and LTE sim, neither was subject to 100m cap in operation, but the darn thing is I cannot find an official statement in fp and tos of FP still has that 100m cap fine print in it.

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