$1 per egg on the horizon?

The price of eggs increased 10.3% in April. The UDSA predicts an increase between 19.5% and 20.5% year over year in 2022. That could mean $1.00 an egg.

In May eggs were up 32.2 percent year over year; butter and margarine, 20.2 percent; chicken, 17.4 percent; citrus fruits, 16.1 percent; milk, 15.9 percent; coffee, 15.3 percent; ground beef, 13.6 percent; baby food, 12.9 percent; and rice, pasta and cornmeal, 12.8 percent.

Wow! This article really worried me---till I remembered that there's now a plan in place to fight inflation:

Got some free eggs today I guess all is well in the world

Not free but .49 for 18 count "cage free" w/store coupon here.
Talking to friends with chickens, chicken feed is costing more than chicken scratch these days.


$1 an egg? Costco 24 organic pasture raised is approx 33c each. Grocery store dozen organic pasture raised 50c each.

Just fear mongering / clickbait / gouging.


4 million layers dead or culled just last month alone.

For those of you who may follow this (as I do).

Today, the Fed hiked 25bps as fully expected and their statement had 3 key highlights:

--Hawkish - keeps "ongoing increases" (plural) language signaling no pause in March.
--Small Dovish - adds inflation "has eased somewhat" but notes "remains elevated."
--Dovish - Changes "pace" of future increases with "extent", as it transitions from the rate of hikes to the duration of higher rates before any pivot.

Both Costco and Trader Joe's have not taken advantage of inflation to raise their prices in excess of inflation. We do most of our grocery shopping there and pretty much stopped going to other stores that had prices of certain products raised in excess of the price rises at Costco and Trader Joe's. To be fair to those other stores, sometimes it has been particular brands / products that have excessively raised price rather than the store generally. An example is that potato chips at TJs are still $2 while Cape Cod chips at Walmart and frozen fries at Safeway and Sprouts are up 50% to 100%.

In any case, 24 organic pasture raised eggs at Costco have not gone above $8.49 and a dozen of the same at Trader Joe's are $7. If you want lower quality then you're looking at half that price.

However, they are not always on the shelf especially at Costco. So I eventually got them from Trader Joe's. They turned out to be not that nice though and I am now somewhat put off eating eggs.

So I have substituted my almost daily 2 eggs and toast to having organic guacamole on toast instead with organic cheese. I'm also sampling various breakfast meats.

The guacamole is nutritionally a great substitute to the butter I was having on my toast and I now prefer it. And the breakfast meats are keeping me fuller for longer. I'm also feeling more energetic.

So this egg shortage has actually worked out well for me.

Who should I thank for this development? Is it Joe Biden?

We get our eggs from an older lady that lives out in the country that has her own chickens. She used to charge us $2.50/dozen, which was a lot when white large eggs were $0.89 or $0.99/dozen at Aldi or Walmart. But these are beautiful, really large, brown eggs, with dark yellow yolks, and my wife especially appreciates the farm-fresh taste compared to grocery store eggs. The lady recently raised her price to $3/dozen due to increased feed costs, but now we're getting a GREAT deal compared to the current white large eggs cost at Aldi or Walmart! We usually buy 3 or 4 dozen at a time, which lasts us 2+ months.

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Costco's CEO was asked by an analyst why they didn't raise their prices above inflation like others to get more profit. He told them that their customers would notice and remember. In other words it would negatively effect the relationship of trust.