$1 per egg on the horizon?

The price of eggs increased 10.3% in April. The UDSA predicts an increase between 19.5% and 20.5% year over year in 2022. That could mean $1.00 an egg.

In May eggs were up 32.2 percent year over year; butter and margarine, 20.2 percent; chicken, 17.4 percent; citrus fruits, 16.1 percent; milk, 15.9 percent; coffee, 15.3 percent; ground beef, 13.6 percent; baby food, 12.9 percent; and rice, pasta and cornmeal, 12.8 percent.

Wow! This article really worried me---till I remembered that there's now a plan in place to fight inflation:

Got some free eggs today I guess all is well in the world

Not free but .49 for 18 count "cage free" w/store coupon here.
Talking to friends with chickens, chicken feed is costing more than chicken scratch these days.


$1 an egg? Costco 24 organic pasture raised is approx 33c each. Grocery store dozen organic pasture raised 50c each.

Just fear mongering / clickbait / gouging.