1 AD = 100 points?

I pulled this off of the CellNuvo web site:

Here’s how easy it is to earn Silver:
1 Ad = 1 to 100 Silver

I have never seen an ad that was more than 30 and for the last several months, never seen one that was more than 15.
It's not impossible to earn money by swiping (I've earned a couple hundred) but it's not nearly as 'easy' as the web site wants you to believe. It also said some have earned enough in less than a month to get the new Iphone. Again, I find that hard to believe.

What do you think?

Got a few 150 silver ads early last month. Whisky ad.

The iphone claim should be removed. That is ridiculous.

Yes it is

Who said so? iPhone 3 or 4 is completely achieveable.

Just curious. Did you get your phone yet? Did you pay for it yet? Make a request for the phone?

It would take a year to get the latest iphone even if u magically swiped for it in a month with the 100 gold limitation a month. Anywho, ads are adding up for me. The 250 point survey is nice. Reset ads on Google settings

I have made 100 golds payment, but that dang phone's price kept rising and now they are sold out. I am looking for a different phone.

Requirement: dual SIM dual standby 4G+3G, dual camera, and less than 250 golds.

Any good suggestion?

Well the new (2018) Samsung j7 is coming in may or june.

Rumors show what you wrote and 18:9 screen. Just another possible option. For you

Thank you

My second phone installment in 100 golds has just gone through.... waiting for the 2018 Samsung J7. Hope that it is less than 250 bucks! I really like its super AMLEOD display.

Are they stockpiling your gold so after 3 months you can tell them what you want, if the phone is under $300?

In the purchase history of store I can see two installments each of which is 100 golds. That is all I can tell you.

Why bother to tell them in the beginning since they would place the order only after full payment is made and by then the phone you wanted might have changed price and availability?

Glad you liked my suggestion . The price for the 2017 j7. Is around $200 to $240

So we hope. Some of the leaks say. $400. I hope they wrong

oh crap! There is no way that I would wait until I get 400 golds.... If it is the good old time I might, but now it is a pain in the a$$ to swipe a single gold.

Some leaks suggest $400 others in the $200 range.

I don't see how they can double the price.

PS. I do not think there will be removable battery or led notifications. But there is a way to make the flash on the inside work when you get a text

PS. Just do you know. You can go on Amazon and get tge international 2017 version. Everything but duo camera. And no warranty in USA. Take a look if you are curious. The price is around $200

Seems the 2018 USA version copied the international version and added duo camera

Thank you, but there are better options than its 2017 version without dual camera.

can you mention the better options?

Huawei mate se, Moto g5 plus, Le, zte axon mini, zte blade v8 pro, Nokia 7, xiaomi.

Forget about that stupid Moto g 5 plus, it is not dual SIM dual standby.

The XT1681 version is. $215 off amazon.