You're not crazy

If anyone else is having the problem of not receiving super silver even after contacting support youre not alone. Everytime I submit a ticket that isnt crediting they usually resolve it in my favor according to the transaction list but it doesnt credit my account still.

Thankfully its not all the offers. If these were under 1 gold I couldnt care less, but they are the bigger ones.

I have 12 that are just stuck saying pending. Over 4 days

What should I do?

Im about to send a mass email to cellnuvo if this doesnt get fixed in a week.

I want to believe tapjoy will do the right thing and credit all successful offers.

They haven't been responding to my first boomerang attempt. Last email from them was 9 days ago and I submitted everything they asked.

I did manage to get 4000 silver for boomerang from a family member account so there is that. It credited right away though like it should have.

Tapjoy never credited my gold for buying business cards from Vistaprint. They used every stall in the book and then quit answering my emails.

They're a scam outfit.

I just completed a 100 point tap joy . It didn't credit. It says failed in the settings. I guess I will have to delete then reinstall again for it to work correctly. I did this twice . It would work for a while then stop crediting.

I have decided to simply stop using my original account, and create a new one completely from scratch, since my original account just went over 1 more gold. Within that account I will only be doing super silver, this way I have a track record of all the successful offers I do. Mark, for me simply uninstalling and reinstalling didn't do anything except bring back up my original balance before the offers. I appreciate your replys, mmfacemm and chelle, because now I know waiting for an email would more than likely be a waste of time. I am still HOPING that this is simply a technical issue that tapjoy is simply too lazy to fix. If that is the case then creating a new account from scratch using a throwaway email SHOULD fix the issue with these supposed "super" offers. My hope for this experiment is too see if doing anything out of the ordinary somehow affects supersilver offers. These things would be like emailing support for tapjoy or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I realize both of those things are what we are suppose to do as far as self-technical support, but if we can pinpoint this issue to one thing that would be extremely helpful to the community. I will definitely keep you guys posted on the results of this test.

I JUST got credited the amount. Total ETA from the start was like 3-4 weeks but still worth it.

Glad everything worked out for you. Perseverance pays!

For anyone who is wondering, after complaining a bunch to tapjoy, they finally told me that only cellnuvo can credit in such cases like mine. More specifically completing the offer successfully having tap joy seeing as successful and still not getting credit. All I did was forwarded the email from tapjoy specifically them saying its cellnuvo's problem and a week after that it was fixed. Only had to remind cellnuvo like once or twice so not terrible. If it matters the offer was for 8500 silver.

So tl;dr get an email from tapjoy saying only cellnuvo support can fix it, then forward that email to cellnuvo support.

Glad it was finally resolved for you. I had some tapjoy points not get credited, so I emailed them and got some stupid response back so I just quit, the amount not credited was only worth about 300 silver so I was not going to jump thru too many hoops just to get 30 cents, it is easier for me to just not use their service anymore.

Edit: just to add my tapjoy points showed as not being rewarded even though I did everything the offer said. One was reading thru five pages of finding a mortgage broker. I took a screenshot of the last page in case I needed it.

I also had issues. With tap Joy. I learned not to spend any money with them but I spend recently 50 minutes on a game and it failed. I contacted Tapjoy three times no reply at all. My last email said shame on them. LOL
I did find that once one thing fails everything else fails.