Your account has been disabled?

your account has been disabled?

You might need to explain a bit more. Where are you seeing this message? As you know they are upgrading systems so it may be a temporary glitch.

it says that when I try to swipe ads.

Maybe check to make sure you didn't disable the app in Settings when intending to do a force stop.

If the app has lost authorization to link to your account, it will be awkward with the website down-- no way to generate a new code. Probably need to email support for assistance in that case.

Odd - I'd email them. or even

Can you make calls etc still?

2 days nothing. I guess cellnuvo is stealing all my ads credit?

Did you email tom. Can you still call/text etc?

They are transitioning systems - there are bound to be the odd few errors. I'm sure they will make it right for you.

Nothing is working. NO call/text/data.

I just got an email from coworker this morning. He told me the boss asking him to ask me if I can work overtime this Saturday. According to him, the boss sent me a text yesterday but I didn't answer.

This was cellnuvo's fault. If something happened to my job, nothing good would come out of this.

If you are happy to pm me your email I can see if I can get their attention for you.

He is sorting out another matter and has been replying to emails from me about it. So I can add your issue to the next email.

PMed you.

Is anyone getting "Your account is not authorized to make calls to this number" when you try and place a call using your CellNUVO phone? Wonder if this is one of the minor service interruptions.

I get my account could not be validated on both phones. I suggest getting a temporary phone if they rely on it.

This is where having your number on google voice is a benefit.

Others are reporting the same elsewhere.

Mine is not working, either. Tried to send text and got back two texts, which read: 923-0 The service you're attempting to use is temporarily restricted. PYour service has been temporarily restricted due to nonpayment or plan restrictions. Please call *3 to make a payment or *2 to 1:45 pm *** Sounds like a temporary glitch, I hope. I sent a text successfully yesterday at 5:23 pm PDT. Fortunately, I do use GV.

My CN phone is also getting the "your account could not be validated" message, when calling either a different Sprint phone, or a non-Sprint phone.

I think "account could not be validated" means the lines have been de-registered with Sprint. I'm not implying anything permanent here-- when it's happened before to me at other providers (including Sprint Postpaid), it's just a matter of 'flipping a switch' to activate the line again.

My guess is there's a lot of switches to flip, and it's a great time to have a backup phone. (My # is also at Google Voice, which solves some problems like this, but is far from bulletproof itself.)

I'm not sure of the difference implied by "account could not be validated" vs "not authorized to call this number" vs the "account disabled" that bill horn is seeing. I think the "not authorized" may imply that the account does not show available allotments for the requested function. Again, I'm not implying any permanent loss-- perhaps the account balance has just been disassociated from the line.

I just did-at a bad time. I couldn't call my Mom to tell her I might miss my coachbus home. Luckily, one of the city bus drivers let me use her phone, and I was able to get through. Texting doesn't work either. This is the second time it's happened to me in the last few months. tomcellnuvo, can you look into this, and get it corrected ASAP. Thanks, Seh-hee

Just wondering if anyone has sent an email to CellNuvo support yet?

Bill - I sent you a PM back.

Yes they are aware of it. I have no info on what is going on though! I assume service interruptions as part of the upgrades. Lets hope this gets resolved quickly.

PMed you.

Tom is getting support to look into it asap. Hopefully he'll get your account back soon.