Yep, gone 'round the bend

I think I'd mentioned someplace here before just how bad Obihai has become...after their (otherwise silent & unhelpful) 'mods' had nuked all the good threads at their forum that might help Obi110 users.

There is a sad little funny in this:
Apparently they are not cognizant of the fact that their forum s/w also sends out emails when watched topics are deleted.

I had gotten several of those emails & could only be appalled by their actions.

Here is the title of the latest one:

And, the guilty party is...:

Being snarfed up by Polycom may keep Obihai solvent - but what has this improved...?
Nothing for the users IMO.

I had a pipe dream where Polycom put a stop to Obihai's bad behavior, especially their prior extortion behavior. Given that my Obi 2xx has been for the most part working well more than two years now without any request for $10 a year, nor any talk of EOL, and so perhaps my dream will not go up in smoke. Yeah--I know.