Wow - now 1 pt surveys?

Just saw a refrigerator survey - awards just 1 silver. Wow.

Wow, indeed. This free service really doesn't give you your money's worth, does it? :lol:

Ive actually gotten quite a bit of funds from CellNuvo, and not paying a dime. Most ting plans don't however... (Because of the $6/line/mo base charge)

Most surveys pay well. Pew must be scraping the bottom of the barrel there. Personally I don't go looking for surveys and just do the ones that pop up and pay well.

I've been avoiding commenting here, since it seems whenever I mention I haven't seen some particular problematic ad/survey, it immediately crops on on my phone. :frowning:

But, if I have received the 1 silver survey, I haven't noticed that it only paid 1 silver. (Hope that offers enough protection to keep the karma gods away from my phone this time.)

Thanks, Kent, for your comment. You make a very good (1) point! :slight_smile:

Hope your disclosure will keep those karma gods at bay. It could be worse... at least your last name isn't Murphy. (It isn't, is it???)

Better then. -1 survey

I'm seeing lots of 100 point surveys tonight. No complaints, here.