Wow, FreeUp sent me spam/promo texts and deducted from my 500 text allotment!

Is this happening to anyone else? The last 4-5 days, I have received one text per day from FreeUp - telling me about stuff that I already know, like "earn rewards by printing coupons", "earn $5 for referring a friend", "get cash back by dining at local restaurants" etc.

Today I looked at the usage in my account, and they have been deducting from my 500 texts/minutes for each those texts! I think that's pretty weird for them to essentially charge me for their own spam!

I had thought those texts would be zero-rated but obviously I was wrong. I have of course blocked the number on my phone now, so they can't keep spamming me AND charging me for it. Quite weird behavior on their part though.

Like most folks have expressed here, I love their free plan but sure hope they can get rid of the glitches.

I guess they meant for 30 of the 500 units to be used to send 'offers' to you.

I haven't received any texts from them, but I was wondering if you have logged into the rewards app and printed any coupons, taken any surveys, etc. If you have, then it is odd, and if not, maybe they text you to get you earning rewards. But, true, it could be just another glitch.

Isamorph wrote - "I was wondering if you have logged into the rewards app and printed any coupons, taken any surveys, etc."

The odd thing is that yes, I have. Been printing two coupons per day. Have gotten credit for 2 coupons on some days, and for 1 coupon on other days. I do the exact same thing with printing coupons everyday, so I haven't been able to fathom what algorithm FreeUp uses to decide whether to give credit for 1 coupon or 2 coupons.

Well, I guess "free" doesn't mean free of quirks and glitches. FreeUp's programming needs a tune up, if they want to earn people's confidence. I'd be content if I can reliably get credit for one coupon a day and knock off $7 a month from my plan. We'll see.

I got some of those texts, too, when I first signed up with FreeUP, but they stopped after the first few days.

I truly don't mean any disrespect, or mean to tell you how to think, but here's another perspective for you: If I were on a paid plan that did that, I would be upset, too. However, in this case you might want to just "roll with it", especially since you are getting the plan for free and the vast majority of those 500 minutes or texts will still be yours to use as you see fit.

I think they include a way to opt out ?

I was thinking the same, but I do not see a way to do so on the desktop website. Yet I can't remember if there was such an option when first establishing an account. Maybe there's an option on the phone app, which I have never used.

Yeah, that's my thinking too. I'm willing to cut them a LOT of slack, after all I'm getting this for free.

I'm getting similar information but it's in the form of emails, not text messages. Perhaps you could change the method of contact.

I received like 5 texts from them about installing the app and earning rewards. One of them said I could reply 'STOP' to stop receiving message. They sent me one more text stating I was removed and I haven't seen anymore texts from them since 1/1.

I would guess that FreeUp is sending these messages to people on the Free and paid plans alike, although members on the Free plan cannot do anything with rewards earned until they upgrade to a paid plan. It just shows how important having members earning rewards is to FreeUp's bottom line, I suppose. @drysun reporting of the "STOP" option seems to be the only way of opting out of these messages, so far, but hopefully others will see this option ,too.