Wouldn't lack of 15 silver ads hurt cellnuvo?

Wouldn't lack of 15 silver ads hurt cellnuvo? As well as hurt us.

I think it's imperative that cellnuvo gets continuous 15 silver ads.

Also what happened to the upgrade app with better payouts that was promised?

Support never got back to me on this.

Plus where is Tom he has been MIA for awhile?

Bring back 15 silver or 30 silver ads pls

Of course it hurts CellNuvo. CN gets paid from the ad supplier, and passes along a percentage of that to us, keeping the rest as profit.

There is absolutely no reason for CellNuvo to do anything to intentionally block higher yielding ads, since they would get significantly less income by doing so. Ergo, CN does not block 15 silver ads-- they're not available to CN.
(Note that CN sets the percentage that we receive as silver, so a particular ad could yield 15 silver, or 30 silver, at CN's discretion.)

That maybe true, or maybe not. That information not known to us. Maybe CN has bigger percentage for static ads, which we are getting 0.1 cent.

Is that not .001?

I meant 1point = 0.1 cent.

1000points = $1
10points = 1cent
1point = 0.1cent

Thank you

Some may gripe about low value ads, but they continue swiping. I don't think the lack of 15-30 silver ads harms CN or swipers. When the dry spells (0&1 silver ads) occur and then CN starts 5 silver ads, there's happiness. It's all relative.

When was the last time anyone saw a 30 silver ad?

True but Tom told me months ago an update with better rates was coming. So far nothing

Also if you are new would you not leave during a dry spell and not knowing it is normal for cellnuvo

I think last time 30 silver ads were in February or March, before CN introduced Amazon GC program.
When Amazon program started, everything changed, 30 points ads were reduced to 15 points ads.