World's smallest phone

The main chip is a Spreadtrum SC6531, it’s a single chip based baseband transceiver aimed squarely at the low-end feature phone market. Based around an ARM926EJ-S processor — an entry point ARM, although one still capable of running a full operating system like Linux or Symbian. It’s actually overpowered for this phone, the chip provides support for a 2MP camera. You can pick up the SC6531 on AliExpress for around $3.00 a piece in small lots.

The other silicon present on the phone is the HunterSun HS8292U. It’s an RF chip for quad-band 2G GSM/GPRS cellular handsets at 850, 900, 1800, and 1900MHz. You can pick it up on AliExpress for under $2 a piece.

Link broke

For me

Interesting and inexpensive, and no problemo with it fitting in one's pocket. It might still be too large for the people in this upcoming movie. Hope the following link is not broken:

I enjoyed the comments about this phone. Next time I'm headed to prison, I'll definitely get some of these easy to hide phones.

They want to ban the phones. Somebody made a sensible comment: Why not just jam the signal in prisons? Maybe that could have negative consequences on legitimate users but I'm sure there's a way to manage that too.