Wing - new Sprint MNVO

Wing, as an MVNO, offers cell phone plans that have the same model as that of Google's Project Fi. They follow the same "dynamic pricing" model, which means that any unused data will be refunded to their customers at the end of the month.

Their plans include the following:

$12/month - Basic phone with unlimited talk, text and 128 MB of 3G data
$20/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data
$27/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data
$34/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 3GB of data
$50/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of data
$66/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 7GB of data
$70/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and unlimited LTE data

Yes saw them the other day. Looks kind of interesting but seems more like a poor man's projectfi

Looks okay if you want a sprint mvno.

Would have been more interesting if it was $13 unlimited talk and text and the the data was 1gb for $7. So if you use no data it would be $13. The way they have it the min price is $20 unless you have a feature phone.

Full access to things like wifi calling is good though as sprint mvnos don't usually get that.

Thanks for sharing PEW.

So ProjectFi with T-Mo+Sprint = $20 for calls/text + $10 for 1GB... min charge $30
Twigby with Sprint only = $9/200 min or 15 unl calls + $10 for 1GB... monthly $19-25.
With Wing with Sprint only = $20/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data

Saves $10 vs ProjectFi, save -$1 to $5 vs Twigby

Yes but both offer roaming of some kind off the sprint network which is valuable. Project fi offers much better international perks.

Tello is $22 and probably will have less tax. So ends up about the same. So the pricing is at least competitive if you need that much talk/text and data.

Interesting! Any idea how the refund would work? Would the data be added on to the next month's allotment? Prorated from the monthly cost? Or some other method?

I was under the impression that the minimum monthly charge for Fi was $ 20 + whatever data one uses, and if no data is used the $20 is total charge for the month. When one initiates the account, one pays $30, but if no data is used, $20 is charged and the $10 remains as credit towards the next month's data. If one should use 500Mbps of data, then one pays $25 for the month but still has $10 credit toward the next month's data. Is this wrong and one must pay a minimum of $ 30 a month?

Month 1 charged $30. Use 0mb then get a $10 credit next month. Pay $30 less $10 credit = $20 month 2. Use 500mb in month 2 then $5 credit goes to month 3 so you pay $25 month 3 ($30 less $5 credit)

Wing is slightly different hence my comment. Unless I understood it incorrectly.

$20 gets you unlimited talk and text and 1gb. If you use 500mb it still costs $20 as $20 is the minimum tier.

Yeah---my concern was that the statement above: "So ProjectFi with T-Mo+Sprint = $20 for calls/text + $10 for 1GB... min charge $30" could be interpreted as the minimum monthly charge for Fi is $30 rather than $20. As the linked article about "Wing" mentions that the listed prices may be different when "wing" officially launches in November, we probably cannot be certain about their plans until then. I also wanted to mention that Project Fi has wifi everywhere, which is quite helpful in keeping one's data usage down, and, fwiw, Fi, in addition to T Mobile and Sprint, also connects to US Cellular.

Isamorph writes: " Fi, in addition to T Mobile and Sprint, also connects to US Cellular. "

I did not know that! In my region, US Cellular has the best coverage in rural areas, and it's been very useful to keep a backup device that will connect that way. That probably explains why T-Mobile's coverage in some of those underserved areas looks so good on their map. I though they were just being aggressive about buildout.
Too bad for me that the T-Mo MVNOs are unlikely to offer that roaming agreement: I can't afford a retail T-Mo line for that occasional need.

Do us cellular plans start a $25 a month? Or are you on a grandfather plan. Might as well switch to Fi if you are paying that much. There are apps that let you force fi to use a specific network as well. I guess though phone cost is the sore point.

When Fi first launched, I was going to try it for a month or so, but was told that it was not yet offered in my area, which I thought was odd because, although rural, it has T Mobile and Sprint coverage. I suspect that it was not offered where I live because there are very few free wifi places that Fi could connect to. Fi may have added US Cellular to the mix so that areas such as yours could join the Fi project. Also, one can add a second phone to Fi for $15 a month. My son, who does some traveling, has been on Fi for a few years, and is, apart from the expensive phone requirement, quite pleased with it, particularly the simple billing procedure and the paygo like data plan, where one only pays for what one uses. Coverage maps need improvement. I know my zip code gets adequate reception from the big 4 carriers, yet when I sign up for service , I must, 1/2 the time put in another zip code because the carriers say there is no coverage at my location.

Just checked at and it's now coming up to 10 years where online they say they don't deliver, but if you call they say they will.

Apparently it's up to the store to update the system and they obviously make enough money to not need to worry about such things.

Wing Alpha now do ATT which makes it a lot more interesting. Still get the $13 /GB roaming overseas.