Win Daily Lottery

I got an email saying I won 4245 silver. Is that a glich or is this for real?

They meant to send that to me. Just give me your email address so I can claim it.

Try swiping in app to the right once and you should see same notice. Then post a review, thank you, ect on here or Facebook, Twitter, Google play store cellnuvo. Then email the link and a day later you will see the 4 gold

Don't know - I think the winning pot yesterday was 3777 silver? That is what my app says. Maybe you won the day before?

I miss the 11000 days

Nice! Sent in email, awaiting response. :slight_smile:

CN Support credited me the 4 gold... thanks CN!

Great! It will be easier the next time you win.

Did not know of this extra step to claim the winnings. Wonder if there are unclaimed silvers from prior jackpots...

I bet yes

Almost not worth such small amount.

Especially when match pots used to reach well over 1000 with no extra steps

We all playing wrong lottery.... Somebody in SC won 1600000000 golds....