Will your next car be an EV?

In my case, I believe so.

Excellent article. Interestingly, Norway's mandate that all cars be electric by 2025 fits right in with the author's calculation that EV's will achieve price parity with internal combustion cars by 2024-2025. I doubt that my next car will be an EV because I will be buying it soon this year before prices have dropped enough, and because charging stations are few and far between in this area. But I'm still thinking about it.

A used Nissan Leaf is good value and worth considering for several usage scenarios.

Ones that come to mind are an extra car for short journeys as well as some hauling duties thanks to the hatchback design. A good first car for high school kids who will also do short journeys.

I find this aggregator website pretty good at locating used EVs.

Although more than a used Leaf, the 2019 60kWh model with 225 EPA miles would mean charging maybe 2-3x a week. Depending on availability of free charging where you live, it could even mean zero "fuel" cost... plug in to free charge area, then go jogging around the parking lot.

The issue I have is long trips. I heard most cars can charge 80 percent in 30 min

On a long trip that could add many hours to Trip

It will be interesting to see if the new Leaf depreciates as much as the original one has.

It will likely still depreciate quickly as new battery tech and auto driving are on the horizon. Industry is expecting another 30% drop in battery prices ($100 to $70 per kWh) in the next 3 years... assuming solid state is not market ready... if so, solid state is expected to be below $70.

My interest in EV is the convenience for commuting and not having the engine vibration... gotten spoiled with the quietness of hybrids. :slight_smile:

Wonder when the Hyundai Plug In Hybrid would be available for test drive. Would not mind making $40 for my trouble. :slight_smile: