Will NIB Verizon Prepaid Moto E4 work on RedPocket?

I have a question for Chelle and all the other knowledgeable folks here: If someone buys the Verizon Moto E4 from Walmart (for $50 I believe), and doesn't activate it on any Verizon prepaid plan, will they be able to use the phone immediately on RedPocket Verizon?

(So here's the background on this - I have a friend who wants to sign up for RedPocket's $60/year Verizon plan. But he doesn't have a Verizon phone and the rub is that he only wants to use a NEW phone, not any used one. So I thought of the Walmart Moto E4 for him, but don't know whether Verizon locks these phones so whether he will be able to use it.) TIA for any help.

I believe Chelle has posted here extensively about unlocking it by paying an ebay store.

Short answer No.

You could activate on another phone and transfer the sim to the E4 and it would work.

The verizon e4 that you unlock via ebay is best for tmob or att. You really want the factory unlocked version for $130 to use on a verizon mvno.

OK so this plan is going to sound crazy. (But we are all RingPlus alums here, so doing crazy things for cheap phone service is in our blood, right!!)

So will combining mmfacemm's tips work? -- the crazy plan would be to:

  1. Buy the $40 Verizon Moto E4 from Walmart. Also buy $130 unlocked version from Walmart (this one here - Robot or human?)

  2. Get the $60/year RedPocket Verizon plan.

  3. Activate RedPocket sim by placing in the $130 unlocked Moto.

  4. Now on to the $40 Verizon Moto. Don't turn on phone, remove sim, insert now-activated RedPocket sim.

  5. Return $130 unlocked Moto to Walmart for full refund.

  6. Enjoy $5/month Verizon service on a $40 brand-new phone.

I know it sounds crazy, but will it work?!!

NB I've not done it myself but it should work with an active verizon sim card. That is what others have said.

What you suggest peterq is highly unethical and has a few pitfalls. It hurts the person who buys your return since they couldn't activate it on verizon. But if they get verizon involved they may be able to get your sim blocked.

Ummm, won't it be multi-billion-dollar-Walmart that's being unethical when they sell something that's been returned as a new product (as they frequently do)? As a customer, isn't it my right to return a product? And the root cause - isn't it unethical for cell phone companies to lock phones the way they do now? Yeah, yeah, I know cell phone companies need to make their millions on their prepaid phones etc, etc, -- we are just a bunch of crazy RingPlus alums here.

The plan sounds like it would work, although you should combine it with the ebay unlock, even if only for later possible use on GSM.

On a personal level, I would use a different approach, because I'm not comfortable with 'borrowing' a retailer's stock & turning their A-stock merchandise into customer-return merchandise. There is a real cost to the retailer as a result. Rather, I would look for a loaner phone from a friend, or buy the lowest-common-denominator phone used, go through the activation, and then resell the temporary phone (or keep it as a backup.).
(as an example from CDMA-world a couple of years ago, something akin to buying a used Moto E on ebay, going through your steps, and reselling the Moto E. That type of phone is so standard that prices are very stable and predictable, and you'd probably only lose shipping cost + a few dollars.)

You might also be able to work out a deal with a local phone reseller, who would agree in advance on a buy-back price, essentially turning the deal into a short-term rental.