wi fi wizard magic needed

My Dell Windows 10 desktop connects to our substandard campground wifi reliably. Our Dell Windows 10 laptop will not hold the same wifi internet connection.

Help please?

"Our Dell Windows 10 laptop will not hold the same wifi internet connection."

I take it the laptop works properly in other cases, e.g. at Starbucks etc and that you have cleared the cache.

If this has always been the case with the laptop and this particular hotspot then one can probably rule out software updates.

It might still be worth checking to see if the driver for the wifi card is the latest version and is known to be compatible with the version of WIN 10 you are using.

When you run network diagnostics on the laptop is there any indication of the nature of the problem that would help narrow the scope of the issue?

Does the laptop fail to hold a signal even at close distances?

Can the channel be changed on the hotspot?


If the desktop is using a USB wifi adapter (or you happen to have a spare one) it might be worthwhile switching it to the laptop and see if that "solves" the problem.

I had an almost identical issue last month with an inexpensive Lenovo netbook while on a trip and failed to resolve it after a fair amount of tinkering. All other devices connected properly at the place I was staying but I could not get the netbook to hold a signal regardless of network congestions levels. Once I returned home it worked fine and even at other locations while I was away it worked perfectly.

Does this occur when both the laptop and desktop are right next to one another?



For 1 suggestion, see https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-networking/internet-connection-sharing-in-windows-10/f6dcac4b-5203-4c98-8cf2-dcac86d98fb9

Then, you'll need to get 2 regular ethernet cables & an inexpensive switch to connect each computer to the switch.