Why Your LG Phoenix 2 Phone Is Cooler Than You Think

It's hard to find a budget phone that includes NFC capability-- and if you want to pay in stores, using Google Pay, you need to have that.

The LG Phoenix 2 has NFC and can be unlocked, via eBay, for as little as $1.70.

If you're wondering if your newly purchased LG Phoenix 3 has NFC capability-- it doesn't. Sorry.

And the Phoenix 3 is not easy to get unlocked unless you sign up with AT&T for a period of time.

The Phoenix 3 is an excellent phone-- particularly for the $24 Black Friday price-- but if you have a Phoenix 2 laying around in a drawer you should probably hang onto it as we move into the age of using our cellphones to make in-store purchases.

Not sure I would use my phone to pay. Makes me nervous.

Why would I not just use a cc?

Some people like to travel light-- with just their cellphone.

Google Pay is also more secure than using your card. Your actual credit card number isn't exchanged at the point of sale, so it's harder for thieves and hackers to skim your credit card info.

This video/article provides a simple overview of current technologies used to process credit card transactions:


I'm not keen on it either.

Your old, .l guess Lol

We should run a game - guess how old everyone is.

If you go running with your iPhone strapped to your arm and decide to stop, for a cuppa at Starbucks, it's nice to be able to pay with your phone.

I'm not a runner nor an iPhone owner nor a frequent Starbucks patron, but you get the idea.

So you are a runner, that runs long enough to have a phone/music player on your arm. So being a healthy person you decide to stop for a coffee???

Organic, free range, cage free, sustainable, fair trade, non-GMO, gluten-free coffee for healthy people.

You forgot decaf! :slight_smile:

Aaaaaargh!!! I can't believe it!

Coffee is not a healthy diet in any form

If someone can carry their phone in an armband or otherwise - how big a deal is it to also carry a 1/4 ounce CC in that same slot ??

Yes, I'm old - and 90% of the time have NO phone with me, but definitely a CC & a little cash.

I don't give a cr@p if y'all use mobile payments or not. It makes no difference to me.

I was merely pointing out that the Phoenix 2 is capable of it.

I carry a CB radio. Lol

Convoy lol

Personally, I have no desire to trust my financial information to my phone--I don't bank on my phone, etc. I think I'm becoming an outlier on that.

However, NFC seems to be critical to a lot of folks, and I frequently see 'no NFC' mentioned as a deal-killer for phone shoppers. Nice to know the Phoenix 2 can do it, and at a budget-friendly price point.

The reminder that the P2 still has access to cheap 3rd-party unlocking should probably keep it on some folks' radar as well.

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