Why no cellnuvo update?

Am I the only one that is confused? Over a week ago cellnuvo canceled all Amazon payments. This was supposedly for waiting on an update. We got confusing messages from support. For the reason for this. Everything from abuse to just an update.

Still nothing from Tom.

Now we're going into the new month and have no idea what to do with our account. Do we save up for Amazon ?do we not?

I'm very frustrated. It doesn't cost anything to let us know what is happening.

Yes I hope we get an update in the next few days especially as tomorrow is March.

It leaves users wondering what to do with their gold and monthly payments. I held off waiting for this app update and missed feb now.

It is a trade secret meant to be confidential.

I totally get you. Long delays like this without clear and concise communication certainly cause frustration and damage the company's reputation. I have not heard anything, so I sent a message today asking for a progress update and if possible for an ETC (estimated time of completion) for the update in question.

As with the rest of you guys, I am not happy about the way this is being handled at all. I had planed to gift the new phone to my spouse for valentines, so now that's out of the question. Perhaps a spring break gift? :unsure: At least they are paying the phone bills still.

Anyway, this is hurting us and them because many of us probably stopped swiping as much (due to the uncertainty of things) and some may be for good which ultimately hurts their revenue. We in our family just swiped on the accounts that pay the phone bills and once the thresholds were met, we rarely swiped. I mean, what's the point on putting much efforts on that if we do not even know how the program will look like? At least they have stated existing orders will be paid at some point. I do hope that those whom have accumulated funds do get an opportunity to cash out for the their phones as well.

Anyway, I anticipate I will receive a response by tomorrow since they typically respond within 1 business day. I will follow up then with any new information besides the stuff we know.

I have planned the same and now my girlfriend is very hateful. She almost blew up the whole world.

Maybe they don't want you to know they're not paying on phones or plans. I wouldn't know if it wasn't for nth circle. How many swipers know... 3%? Its sure not on their website

As promised, I am following up to advise the target date for the new version is a week to 10 days. They indicated that it has a "new feature that allows customers to convert their silver to $." And that it "replaces the installment plan."

I wonder if they will just do PayPal payments like Ibotta and other apps like that. Anyway, let's hope this does come to pass with that time.

What about Amazon?

That's all they gave as far as information. My guess is that with silver converting into cash, there is no need for an Amazon process. Don't quote me on that one though.

I can't comment on phone payments, but my monthly (plan) payment request was successfully completed today in just a few hours, so that still seems to be working as usual.

Who cares about Amazon if they use PayPal? eBay is a lot better!

Hi there,
We are currently revising the phone purchase program (our new update
will change the process)- it is not up just yet but will include no more
monthly limits! You will still be able to purchase a device off Amazon
but the process will be changing- as soon as I have more info regarding
the details I can let you know. Thanks!
Stephanie, CellNUVO support

Phone payments have been processed for us without issues as well.

@ Mark, thanks for posting your response. Looks like the no limits is in fact in place. I wonder how that would be good business. Still, I am not going to complain.

Ty mark

That is a relief

Now here's the million-dollar question (gold)

Is the exchange rate going to stay one for one?

Is Amazon just once a year still?

LOL! I hear that's part of the fun in dealing with free service or stuff similar to CellNuvo (million dollar questions).

On a serious note, one can only hope the exchange rate is the time. Time will tell for sure though should this all come to pass as they say.

lexusl21 writes: "Is the exchange rate going to stay one for one?"

I would be surprised by a change there. CN already has an easy way to re-balance the exchange rate, by changing the ad payout. Devaluing earnings is pretty simple, since it results in some grumbling, but perhaps not too many customers lost. Devaluing rewards already earned would be far more drastic.