Why is split the pot so low today

why is split the pot so low today?

After missing the pot by just 4. I was annoyed. Then I saw it was just 4225. Just the other day it was 10000 plus

Because hardly anyone is getting 15 silver ads since the start of the month and these are the ads that contribute anything meaningful to the split the pot. The pot halves every day so if it is not replenished it will drop quickly. 1st Oct was a bad day for earnings.

You can tell if ads across users are good or not by the split the pot prize. In August when ad values were low the split the pot prize went down to $3. In September it went up to $10 with the flow of 15 silver ads. Now we are back to $4.

Probably because many "professional" swipers stopped swiping due to the low ad payouts. 0-1 silver is not going to generate much user interest.


Define professional swipper?


Nope I would say professional secrets poster

Plus didn't you stop swiping? Mad at Amazon payments or non payment.

But from your non complaining I bet you got paid