Why I love Xfinity

I've had Comcast / Xfinity for almost 10 years now.

Every now and then, I compare them to the other options, but they are always better value for money and offer faster internet speeds.

I negotiate a new deal with them every year or two. It can be a pain in the butt but I've learnt that one way to get what I want is to end service and then sign up again in either my name or my wife's maiden name.

A few years ago, I decided to cut the cord as much as possible. Right now we're paying $50 a month for internet in the 2nd year of a deal. The first year was $40 a month. Our speed is enough for simultaneous streaming and 4k streaming.

A while back, they introduced data usage limits. Our limit is 1000GB a month. We don't get anywhere near that. I think it was a good idea to introduce these limits because a very small proportion of people use a lot of the bandwidth.

We also have access to Xfinity hotspots. Part of the reason I use very little mobile data now is that I seem to be connecting to Xfinity hotspots in a lot of places and their speed is fast enough to let me do whatever I want.

One of the services Xfinity have introduced is Live TV streaming. I can access all my channels on any device in HD. We have the limited basic plus HBO / Streampix package. Some of the channels, including all of HBO, can be accessed outside of the home. We also have Netflix.

Recently, I took advantage of the Xfinity mobile promotion. I got a free phone worth somewhere between $100 to $200, and have unlimited talk and text and 100MB of data for free on the Verizon network.

There has not been any major outage with Xfinity in 10 years. I think that once or twice there was a period of a few hours where we lost service.

Overall, for the price paid, the speed and reliability have been excellent. The additional services that have come online in recent years - xfinity hotspots, live tv streaming and now xfinity mobile, have introduced more value with no additional cost.

I will add that the experience with xfinity mobile has been flawless too. While they piggybacked on Verizon, they have their own front end and processes and it works well. It's a high quality and efficient experience which are crucial to customer satisfaction. And, apart from taxes and data above 100mb, it is truly free.

I received a bill credit on my regular Xfinity account for "Mobile Tax".

Don't know if this is a one off or an ongoing credit that will make the "free" Xfinity mobile service even cheaper.

Just wondering how much tax is? Is it like postpaid taxes and fees which add up or just a couple of dollars?

For me it's $1.06 monthly. Before this new credit. For unlimited talk and text. On Verizon.

Are data speeds capped like some other verizon mvnos? 5mbps down

No. And $45 a month gets you unlimited data.