Why cellnuvo is dying, my opinion

Cellnuvo business model is not sustainable. Even though they claim that they are profitable from the beginning.

Members won't keep swiping unless they are big suckers like me. You swipe 10 golds, and it is enough for paygo service. There is no need to keep swiping because paygo phones are only occasionally used. If it is not paygo, not enough people will be interested enough to join. Once people accumulate a certain amount of golds, they stop swiping, so revenue will drop significantly.

How to keep business in operation? First, obtaining venture capital but the business model is not persuasive enough. Second, use all resources available, including the cash reserved for members' gold redemptions. When members cannot redeem their golds, they quit immediately other than suckers like me.

Is there any hope for cellnuvo to turn around? Very dim. But they can try.

First, the founders themselves have to be an excellent software developer. It is very expensive to hire a good one to do the job. Cut any cost unnecessary. Should consider working at home based office.

Second, fulfill the promise to keep the members swiping. Make swiping part of employee's job when there is not enough work.

Cellnuvo could have made it if they took the correct remedy approach when old carrier quit it. Now we know that the best idea is to go to tello for help. If all lines have paygo service, people won't know that there is a financial problem and it gives time for cellnuvo to change. What if tello is not interested in helping? Issue a 10 dollars gift card to each line that has over 15 golds and tell them to join tello or too twigby or whatever. Now, so far it will only cover up the problem temporarily, and the beast will come back to eat cellnuvo if they do not come up with an honest way to keep members swiping.

How to keep members swiping? Most important of all, provide them phone service, they would not care if they do not even have phone service. The Amazon gift card is indeed a very clever idea. It gives people a much stronger incentive to swipe. Of course cellnuvo has to put aside certain amount of cash to answer members redemption call. If it cannot resist the temptation to dig into such reservoir, it may consider quiting.

At this point of time, I guess cellnuvo has run out of cash to support its members' gold value. I suspect that cellnuvo did not even pay redpocket for our temporary phone service. It is just like an arrangement between ringplus and Ting. This can reasonably explain why topups won't work. It is a financial problem rather than a software problem. This has nothing to do with cellnuvo management's moral character. It is the result of a bad business model. Members expect too much, cellnuvo promises too much, and neither has done enough, and worst of all, cellnuvo is not agile enough to adapt to the changing situation and improve itself on a timely manner.

Cellnuvo survived so long because it digs into the cash reservoir for members gold. It is not not to do so. The limited and stagnant revenue leaves it no choice, so it dies. False promises can keep members swiping for a while, but it has a limit and can backfire. If it partners with tello and integrates a gift card system on time, cellnuvo might have made it. Too late. Even a big cellnuvo sucker like me has lost faith. It might have run out of cash long before the old carrier quit.

Hog, kinda of hard on yourself aren't you?

Wow that was long

Amazon plus ebay plus PayPal

Equals many people joining

They must also get back the many 30 silver ads.

If people can not do 1000 in 15 min then why bother.

With a few hundred golds but no phone service, what can I say? Tell others I am a genius?

You want 1000 in 15 minutes? That means your hourly wage is 4 dollars, in your wildest dreams. If 1000 is converted to 0.1 dollar, that sounds more like it.

(Note: partial quote from lexusl21..)

I used to not swipe at all unless I was getting really good returns. I've changed my swiping patterns since August. I haven't swiped that much, but I only swipe during true limited-attention, mutli-tasking periods (watching TV, and only a few times a week.)
Most of those periods yield a minimum of 300 points-- maybe 800 if I catch a few good ads and a survey or 2. I've accumulated 19 Gold during that period. My interpretation is that this is still viable IF there's a $5/month plan that meets my rather minimal needs. It won't pay for the $10 Essentials plan, though-- to do that, I'd have to work harder at it.

Tell you what, if cellnuvo offers me 1 USD for each 10 golds, I accept.

This pretty much sums it up Hungry-Hog.

I see it thusly:
What EXACTLY has CN really, ACTUALLY done that has produced useful, usable, helpful real-world results ??

A cute experiment - but for what purpose exactly - evaluation of gullibility, maybe ??

I fell for it...just didn't fall too far or too hard is all.

Months later - no phone services & 'credits' that do nothing ??


Good question. What is CNs purpose?

Well I was just able to pay towards my sprint postpaid line with gold with their new bill pay system. So my "free" line with sprint got even more free. Seems like this new bill pay system can work. It has worked for me. Can't wait for amazon to be added.

Very cool indeed !!
Thanks for sharing such good news with the rest of us.
Perhaps this signals that CN is actually - finally - getting something to work right ?!?

In that case I want to pay my tello paygo and I apologize for my baseless speculation.

Tello for everyone!

What you are naming here as 'speculation'...:

Proved itself as TRUTH for months on end - and deserves no apology after all that time !!!

How any concern might be able to keep its doors open & lights on after months of providing nothing - (not even info) to its users - remains a mystery.

I will believe that something from CN actually works when I see it on my own phone & account- and not until then.

After the fiasco with RP doing the same sorts of nonsense, why would anyone be OK with yet another company doing the same sorts of 'mushroom treatment' ?!?

Just wondering if you paid off the remainder of the year in advance or just a small amount to see if it worked?

Just a test first. I submitted another payment for the rest today.

When you peruse your payment history, how is the payment reflected? Credit/Debit, check etc.?

Just shows as a payment received like my credit card payments. Nothing to indicate it came from cellnuvo.