Why am I not getting my money?

Hey guys, anyone experiencing the same issue? It's been 2 days now and no response from Support. Any ideas?!

I thought it was two days a weeks ago?

Payment works

Email tom

New payment...tom NEVER responds

He does...

What payment? To which company?

You sure you put in right account information?

Have you made same payment in the past ?

What is date you made payment?

You missing much info

I think this is new "norm". I ordered my Amazon gift card 9 days ago. 4 emails to CS with no response. Finally emailed to Tom and complained yesterday, after 3-4 hours support responded and issued Gift card. It took 8+ days.

Hope it is not new norn. It was not for me

How long did it take for you to get your Amazon gift card?

Was a Carrier payment

Can you answer my questions above. Maybe we can help

Thanks in advance

Truth be told, I've been waiting on a disbursement for a Red Pocket Annual Plan and it feels like they're slow walking it.

I'm a patient person, though, so I'll give them a little more time before I start fussing.

@Shlomod, There is a possibility that your payment issue isn't CellNUVO's fault. I submitted a payment ("Monthly Payment") for one of our phone's monthly plans, and it wouldn't go through for almost a week. I finally checked the (cellular) provider's website and sure enough, they don't allow more than one advance payment at a time. (The payment I was attempting was to "stack" future payments, sort of like Red Pocket seems to allow.)

So... my suggestion would be for you to really dig into the fine print on your provider's website to see if they actually allow the payment you are attempting. Of course, if you aren't trying to "stack" payments in advance, this is probably not applicable to you, but thought it might help. And if the non-payment turns out to be your provider's fault, you might want to contact CN support once more and request that they cancel your payment until such time as your provider will allow it to complete.

Either way, please keep us posted and good luck to you!

Same here. I still can't believe that we haven't had to pay one cent for my wife's cellular service for over 3 months now, thanks to CN, and I am more than willing to tolerate the occasional financial hiccup in exchange for all the free stuff we have gotten.

Fortunately for us, we have had only positive experiences with CN's support team, both the folks at "jira" and some of the actual CN staffers who have reached out to us when there were problems associated with payment processing (please see my prior post). Of course, as the texters might say, YMMV, but we are grateful for what CN has done for us and hope that they stay in business for a long time.

I am patient person too. I asked Tom to help on day 8th.

Chelle, which annual plan did you select?

The $255 plan. I suspect that my Galaxy Note 2 that's been flashed to Verizon 3g will get disabled, sometime soon, since Verizon is gradually killing them off.

I'll use the Red Pocket plan to restore service on Verizon's network.

OK, that's makes sense. You wanted to switch to Verizon. Otherwise $255 plan pretty expensive.

I believe Chelle may also be a fan of plans with unlimited 2G fallback.

But if chelle is using cellnuvo gold. Then free is free

Are you chelle?

Yes, I'm using gold to buy the Red Pocket plan.

I like to have phones on all of the networks. My Verizon phones have been

  1. a phone that's on the Family Dollar $1 special, that came and went in a flash, but got me 2-1/2 years of Verizon service for a one time cost of $10.

  2. a phone on the $5/mo unlimited Verizon 3g that may or may not get deactivated by Verizon before the official 3g sunset date in 2019.

The Red Pocket plan would be a backup plan for the $5/mo phone. I'm flush with CN gold so I might as well spend some.

Cellphones are a hobby, for me, like they are for many of you. I have about 15 phones, all active with various cellphone services, and my total monthly cost is less than what many pay for one postpaid line.

I know it's crazy to have so many active phones but my "justification" is that it enables us to maintain constant contact with our family business no matter where we happen to be camping.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.