Who has "called" ##72786# on CellNUVO

I'm curious if everybody with CellNUVO problems has tried dialling ##72786# and whether you've tried doing that with a wifi connection ONLY and also a data connection ONLY.

Numerous times. Never works.

I've tried it both via wifi and not via wifi and in different locations /different wifi networks. I think there is two distinct issues. If your phone has a temporary number, but not service, this is generally because a RP balance was not loaded to your account and a carrier reset (72786) will not resolve that. If you phone has not received a new number or a 000.000.xxxx number, then you may need to keep trying a carrier reset after CN has reviewed your account details.

Your analysis seems essentially correct to me.
One point: once you have an 000-000-xxxx number, it is most likely not necessary to keep doing carrier resets again, if you don't mind turning your phone off.
The 000--000 numbers are not "invalid" numbers in reality, although some have called them that. It's the way the phone reports "no number assigned from network". Once your phone has 'no number assigned', most phones will look for updated information every time they're powered on. So, simply turning your phone on from time to time should suffice.

(That's what happened when mine finally received a new temporary number: although I'll admit trying a carrier reset a couple of times in the intervening days, even though I knew it probably wasn't necessary.)

In my case I simply did a PRL & Profile update without ##72786# and it worked.

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Has anybody gotten their old number back yet?

Not yet, not yet.

No, but two of my old numbers show up on RedPocket when checking refill balance. One of these two lines just received a new temp number yesterday and the other one still has not. For my other two lines that had a temp number for several days, the original number does not show up on RedPocket.

For my moto g4 plus, it was ##72786## instead of just #'s. Then I did prl/profile updates over wifi.


I have asked if anyone has heard from cellnuvo about these being just temporary numbers and that the original numbers will be returned. So far, nobody has provided written verification that the numbers will be returned.

I have asked the cellnuvo representative that visits this forum if the numbers will be returned as a direct reply to something they wrote and the question was not responded to.

Last 3 emails were no respond. And they don't want us to go to a 3rd party. My a

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