Who corresponds with Tom by email?

I'm wondering how many people here correspond with Tom via email.

I'm also wondering if you've ever summarized the feedback being received here, mostly about the inability to redeem and the frustration it causes.

I'd be curious what his response has been to that news.

Given that there have been problems for 4 months now, I would guess that those who do communicate with Tom have had ample occasion to bring up these issues with him.

Does he respond to them in a satisfactory way or does he just reply "Do x and it should work"?

So another thread? Here's a thought why don't you email him and let us know what he says. Thanks

Happy Holidays

Thank you for opening this thread.
Individual members of nth circle are supporting HH in his quest to redeem some of his 300 gold with cell nuvo to activate his red pocket service.
In support of HH we wish to communicate with a GRAND HIGH POOBAH @ cell nuvo.

can you please post cell nuvo & Tom contact info?

I get the impression that Tom has implemented ideas from members here on the earning side of things, but not so much on the redemption side. In fact, on the redemption side, things went backward when it was announced the infinite plan would be ending.

Wrong again.