Which movie and / or TV series have you watched too many times?


When Lord of the Rings came out, I couldn't watch it enough times. It felt revolutionary to me (maybe because I had gotten too busy to watch many movies). Now I kind of can't stand it, except maybe for Liv Tyler who reminds me of a girl I once knew.

The Batman trilogy. At a young age, I read a lot of comics and Superman was by far my favorite. Batman just didn't have the right value proposition for me. But when I watched the first Nolan movie, I was blown away and it was a movie I went back to watch several times. I will watch it still now and again. Amongst an amazing cast, Heath Ledger was mind blowing.

TV Series

Breaking Bad. After the first time, I haven't ever watched this right from the beginning, opting instead to start from a later season. I told myself that I shouldn't spend all that time watching it again. But recently I went back to watch it from season 2 and realized I had missed out by not watching the build up to the later seasons.

There may be a few other movies I have gone back to watch again eg Godfather, but generally I don't go back to watch something I've already seen, including many excellent movies. The above are what I have probably watched "too many times".

What about you?


I used to be a LOTR trilogy fanatic too. I particularly liked Two Towers the most.

"La Strada" is one movie that I have watched several times, but probably not too many times. I have watched way too many hours of bits and pieces of "It's a Wonderful Life' because it's been on every year during the winter holidays for 50 years or so now. "La Strada" always helps me to remember not to forget what love is. "La Strada" is also the Pope's favorite movie.

TV= Jeopardy and The Daily Show

Great movies and shows mentioned. I should also have mentioned that I periodically go back and watch Ali G & Borat on youtube.

Just about the funniest and cleverest stuff I've ever seen.

Here are a few of my favorites. I've put the shortest ones first!