Which is a better deal? 2017 Prius or 2017 Prius Prime?

What do you say?

Depends what you are after. The prime has better tech but only 2 seats at the back.

Actually, IMHO there is now an even better choice -- the Hyundai Ioniq hybrid. It gets better mileage than the Prius, it looks and drives more like a regular car, and it has a better warranty.

The hyundai looks nice. Thanks for pointing it out.

The best warranty is a build quality sufficient to ensure that you won't need to use the warranty.

*** Good point. I bought a 2002 Honda Accord with a 3 year/ 36,000 mile warranty, and it now has 320,000 miles on it and, apart from routine maintenance and an airbag recall replacement, has had but the alternator and one radiator hose replaced, which I did myself since I do all the work on my cars. It's amazing that it passes the rigorous California smog test with flying colors. I also have two other Hondas that came with the not so good looking 3/36,000 warranty that have had similar problem free results. So warranty is just one concern. That said, Prius has been the exemplar of hybrid cars and has an excellent track record. But just don't get a Prius with the headlights that cost $500 to replace.:slight_smile:

Agreed! But it is nice to know that the company will stand behind its product if anything goes wrong.

Speaking of "better deals", many folks also buy two- or three-year old used cars (hybrid or conventional) that have already experienced much or most of their depreciation. The amount of money they save by buying used instead of new usually is far greater than the cost of any non-warranty-covered repairs, especially if the buyer picks a car with an excellent reliability record. In that regard, the Prius has done very well, while the Ioniq has no record yet since it is a brand new model.