Which Demographic Avoids the "Oops"?

On the high value surveys I've been just about every age, ethnicity, income range and gender and I always get the "Oops! We have no surveys for you!" message.

Has anyone successfully navigated their way through that and gotten the promised 100-360 silver?

Please share!

Was having trouble completing It then I became Latino and it let me complete it. But last few days nothing.

Let us know if you crack the code!

Im getting lots of the 250 silver surveys but cant get past selecting age and gender, just goes back to home screen when I click continue. About 1 in 20 work.

I finally got a working 250 silver survey. I didn't do anything differently than I've tried before, so perhaps just my lucky day.
Out of curiosity, I've tried altering my demographic info, but that didn't seem to make a difference either. (I haven't tried adjusting my birthdate to a future date, though-- although I noticed this evening that it seems to be possible.)

Me too