Where Did The "What Music Are You Listening To?" Thread Go?

I was going to add a post on this thread but it seems to have disappeared. Does anybody know when or why it was deleted?

Seems it was deleted when some members were banned, members who had recently posted on that thread. I don't see why you can't start a new, similar general thread. The old thread may be around and found after some digging, yet who knows.

It seemed to me yesterday that a number of other threads were deleted too? I thought the forum looked different yesterday.

Haven't found anything yet, but my assistant is still working on it. :slight_smile:

If this is a replacement thread, then I will go first. For no particular reason, I felt like listening to this strong and goodly song on Saturday.

The thread is gone and going to the direct link confirms it. If you want to see some of the old posts you can by using the web archive but the only snapshot for 2020 is Aug. 13, 2020. It had to have been in the last week as I remember seeing some new posts last week. One was a song from a group called Devo, that one stood out because the group was so unusual.

I did enjoy seeing some of the posts to that thread.

Same here. It's always interesting to learn about different people's tastes in music.

If anyone would like to start a similar thread again, it would probably be best to begin a new one (as opposed to adding to this one) due to this thread's title, which I can't edit.

Thanks to all for your replies!

I can't decide whether to quote D_D or 112509... both are nice posts.

I've enjoyed that thread, too. I'm also sometimes surprised by the music tastes, which don't always fit my preconceived (and apparently ill-conceived) mental picture of what some forum friend might enjoy listening to.

My musical tastes are eclectic, and far from mainstream. I've found inspiring and joyful performances that I was totally unaware of via that thread, as well as being reminded of songs that I already enjoyed..

Yes-- someone please start a new thread with a title that's easy to search.

(My guess as to the disappearance of the previous thread: It seems like an artifact of the software this forum uses that a ban of a member sometimes deletes threads where the banned member was the thread originator. It might be specific to what type of ban occurred. Past that, do the math from looking at the archived thread and recent bans.)