When will I be able to pay my electric bill with gold?

Any guesses when I will be able to do this?

Probably the same day Amazon redemption comes online. Which should be soon. Maybe even very soon?

When your electric bill goes to $0.00.

I wouldn't be so sure... CellNuvo would still probably mess that up somehow.

That I can agree with. They will mess it up. Then family yells at you. When power gets turned off. You get kicked out of House. With no clean clothes. You lose your job. While begging on the street you get hit by a car. You go to the hospital. Where the operate on the wrong leg. Then people call you lefty.


Cellnuvo pays me so you should take it easy and be grateful. No thief put a gun on your head.


Go to this link:


There are 58 posts by Tom Mannix from 6 to 10 months ago.

In at least half of them, he promises that something will be delivered soon.

None of them ever were.

Lesson learned: Never trust a politician even after s/he turns into a businessman.

Didn't you show up here six eight months ago?