When the App info doesn't Match your current info

I think I've found one potential problem with all of our refills not going through. CellNuvo CS contacted me via email and it appeared to be an actual person judging by the sentence structure. She said they tried to refill my red pocket as I requested but got an error code and it would not process. She then said I should contact Red Pocket. Well, I then looked in the App and of course the ORIGINAL number was still in there. So it was not the correct number I had to get when I lost the first one.

So if info in the nuvo app is wrong, like cell number, MEID etc. then maybe that causes the system to not process payments to Red Pocket.

To test this theory, I decided to refill my son's ATT phone. That way any red pocket or app info discrepency shouldn't matter. They dont have my sons att number so there is no way it doesn't match. All they need is the AT&T account number which I provided.

This puts Red Pocket out of the loop and now I will see if it makes any difference. By the way, when I went to pay the ATT bill I said use 117 gold (because the bill is 117 bucks) and it would NOT take that amount. I got a message that said oops, please pick an amount between 5 and 100. Interesting..... I know I'll have to wait forever to see if it goes through because even CellNuvo said it would take 7 to 10 days. But if it works, I just got a BIG chunk of my gold cashed out.

@Frasier1, I think CN been sending out the "error processing" email to multiple people. I got one too even though my account is activated. Not sure what's going on with CN. The new app still contains our old original phone number and I don't think that matters.

[b]Dear Customer:

You recently requested a Red Pocket top up - while we did in fact try to top up your account, there was an error processing your top up. Please contact Red Pocket support here:
Once your account is reactivated by Red Pocket support, you can resubmit your top up request in the app and we will process it from there.


CellNUVO Support[/b]

I agree it shouldn't matter. If they have the correct account number that should be all that matters. However Red Pocket and CellNuvo have shown in the past they are not on the same sheet of music. The 15 day vs 30 day expire thing as an example. So I'm trying to pay AT&T which by passes anything red pocket related. Just looked it up and they said paying big 4 could take 48 hours to 7 days. So im waiting, in the end, it may not make any difference at all. I responded to CS but have not heard back, did you?

No reply from CN yet.

Lol.... I got the same crap.

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Is the xxx number your original number but you are currently working off the xxx temp number? Have you spoken with Red Pocket regarding your number issue? If there are number discrepancies, it may affect top ups so we want to be sure your number is set and active... please let me know- thank you so much.


Another reply

Dear Customer:­

You recently requeste­d a Red Pocket top up­ - while we did in fa­ct try to top up your­ account, there was a­n error processing yo­ur top up. Please con­tact Red Pocket suppo­rt here:

Once your account is ­reactivated by Red Po­cket support, you can­ resubmit your top up­ request in the app a­nd we will process it­ from there.


CellNUVO Support­

If I use the time I spent on cellnuvo to look for pennies in a Walmart parking lot, I might have accumulated enough money for a large paygo account in tello.

More evidence looks like numbers that don't match are critical (between number listed in the app, and the active number at Red Pocket).
See https://www.nthcircle.com/forum/cellnuvo/1044-successful-bill-payments-via-the-new-app-stick-to-the-topic-please?start=30#17623
and subsequent comments.

(Thanks Frasier1 for first suggesting this as a possibility-- and please accept apologies for my doubt!)