What's Your TopUp Balance?

I feel lucky in that I only had a little over $13 remaining in a single line. I did have around $66 but lowered that to $13 after 2 months of New Years 3.

I had $160 across 4 lines. And one M+ line.

OK, I took care of the issue. My balance is now $0. I have also deleted many of my previous comments for privacy reasons.

How did you make your balance zero?

Total of $65 over 3 lines. Not a bad price at all for 10 months of service. I was paying $80 per year per line on Virgin Mobile Pay as You Go.

Between the 6 lines in our family, lost about $75.

$1.70-I put myself on the Daily Mad Cent Plan last night ten minutes before my Mad Banana (Holiday) was set to renew at $4.99.

Turns out, overages are perfectly fine to cancel unless the cost to Ringplus themselves is something ridiculous.
"Limitation of Liability
We and you agree to limit claims for damages or other monetary relief against each other to direct and actual damages unless prohibited by law."

This means if you used 1.5GBs and it incurred large overages, they cannot go after you for the overage charges, but only what they paid to sprint as a direct result of you going over your limit (which is likely less than $5) so don't worry if you have a large negative number on your line. Also, canceling the line brings the account balance to $0 so it seems that everything is fine legally. R+ lawyers are awesome even if the liquidators end up being not so nice. Thanks guys.

I have two lines one with $18.18 and the other with $9.96 for a total of $28.14 not bad.

As I said previously. mine is over $300 which is spread across 11 lines (this includes my nephews, too)... I'll be moving to Ting just to regain some of my money. However, I have to say I was surprised to read my email this morning to see Ting is taking away the $35 per account they promised.


They didn't say that they're taking away your top up, you are still getting the $300 applied to your ting account. All the debts phrase means is that if Ringplus owes people money outside of top-ups, they will not refund it. It would be a huge undertaking if ting flat out allowed people to take the credits as cash.

Between 6 lines about $350. This includes 1 line with "Lifetime membership"...LMAO...

I wasn't saying they should be giving cash... you misread what I was trying to pass on. I am simply stating that we will not be getting our Top-ups -AND- the $35 Credits as they first stated. I know I read that they will not stack the $25 Friend Referral and the $35 RingPlus Account Credit... however, Ting stated we would get the Top-ups and $35 Credit applied to the Ting Account.

I think Ting should be applauded for taking on the task of commendering this HUGE ordeal. I just wish they would stay true to their word.

between 3 lines one had $10.90. one had $5.08 and one had $19.73 so about $36. 2 of the three i monitored for others so im personally out $19.73 only because the mad ham i had was due to renew on the 7th and i added $ early.