What's the ROI on CellNUVO?

I stayed out of CellNUVO, even with an unused phone, because I didn't feel it was worth my time.

So I have no idea of what silvers and golds are worth and how much time it takes to earn them.

Can somebody give a succinct answer to that?

Also, with everything that has happened, how has the ROI been affected?

No one has any idea how service will be handled moving forward as far as exchanging silver/gold for a plan or PAYG. Past ROI does not matter at this point.

Side question--haven't you been following CellNuvo semi-closely? I've seen you posting here throughout the outage. In that case, wouldn't you know that we're still in the dark regarding plans and the exchange of CN credits? Not really sure what the main point of this topic is...

I stopped following developments when people started reporting their numbers and service were back.

Was wondering what the value of all the silver and gold that people have earned was, especially since I remember reading gold could be swapped for phones.

So the next logical question (for me) was to ask what it took to earn those silver and golds and how much are they worth.

And the next question is how has that ROI been affected by the lost month or so of service?

Ah, well there is still no developments regarding the exchange of silver/gold for service or phones. Service is not back for everyone yet.

The short answer to all of your question is: nobody knows.

i have a feeling that the gold for phone service rate will be laid out soon, possibly in 5 business days. just not sure if it is paygo or plan.

Right now it's at about 20 cents per hour. All I am getting is a 1 point kip reward for 20 seconds of work. Back in the good old days you could get about $5 worth of conversion points while watching your favorite tv shows or other tasks (Chelle was the best). I think the good old days are long gone, I haven't seen a 30 point add for quite some time.

i saw a few 250 point quick surveys... but they are gone with my golds now.

If it wasn't worth it most of us wouldn't be here after 6 months. I'm going to love getting an iphone 8 plus or samsung note 8 or something like that for free. If you like getting things for free it is a great way to do it. My referral credits alone pay for any service I need.

I don't think cellnuvo is for everyone that is for sure. It takes a lot of patience and courage to stick with a provider that goes dark for nearly a month. But other than that if you learn from the forums how to swipe best it won't take up a lot of time or effort.

In the end you have to try it to know if it is for you or not. And stick with it at least a month.

Silver can be purchased for $10 per 9000.

ROI can vary greatly depending on what methods you use to optimize earnings. When others get a 250 point survey pushed to them I can often get 4 to 6 of them in a row. There are many techniques one can use to maximize earnings while minimizing swiping time.

I currently have almost 1.2 million silver. Using the current purchase rate that's around $1,300.

You buy a car for 9000 dollars, and you want to trade in 100 of the same type of car to the same day dealer in the same year, how much would you get from then? $900,000? Good math bad economics.

At the $10 for 9000 silver, it worked out to $.0011111 value for each silver. That meant about 2.2 cents per minute for on-network Sprint calls (20 silver) and 8.9 cents per minute for off-network roaming calls (80 silver). At 15 or 30 silver per video ad, it was pretty easy for me to earn free phone calls...until the back end provider for CellNUVO abruptly went out of business. What their new silver/gold pricing will be for phone service or free equipment is anybody's guess.

Wish CellNUVO well with their new relationship with Red Pocket, but had to jump ship myself after a week of no service....didn't need to port my number out so it was a simple switch to 2 other carriers.

How much time on average does it take to earn 9000 silver?

What's the difference between gold and silver?

What were the redemption rates for gold and silver?

The difference is the decimal point-- they represent the same total. 1000 silver = 1 gold
In typical times, it's feasible to earn 2000 silver while watching TV in an evening- sometimes better, sometimes worse.

GadgetKen's post above accurately describes the conversion rate.

Like many MVNOs the "true cost" has less to do with the unit cost than it does with how the plan meets your usage needs.
e.g. MintSIM has very good rates on a per-unit basis: let's say it costs me $12/month.
If another MVNO offers a plan that meets my needs for $8 month, even though the theoretical cost-per-unit is higher, the "true cost" of the $8 plan is lower for my needs.

CellNuvo's 'secret sauce' has been that the per-unit costs were among the industry lowest for PayGo units: there was no minimum usage or minimum plan: banked silver (or cash deposit) does not expire. The individual had the choice of paying cash, or swiping to reduce or eliminate cash needs.

If the ROI of Tello makes sense for one's needs, the ROI of CellNuvo (assuming it doesn't change) should be similar. Cash is accepted if one doesn't want to swipe.

Each 1 gold is worth a thousand silver. Since $10.00 gets you 9000 silver or 9 gold each silver is worth $0.0011 and each gold is worth $1.11. The time it takes to earn gold and silver varies since the value of ads are semi-random. At times you can get a string of higher value ads and other times you may get low 5 silveror 1 silver ads. Sometimes you may even get nothing.

We all have different needs and different swiping patterns and whether this is worth it or not is a bit subjective.

With the switch and partnership with RedPocket, I'd be happy to keep some kind of PAYG plan near the original CellNuvo rates (~2.2 cents per min/mb), or if RP offered us CN users the $10 Essentials (500min/500text/500MB) plan assuming that's equivalent 9 Gold a month (per CN's old equivalent), or RP has an eBay plan where you pay $60 up front for 100min/100text/500MB coming to $5/month so ~ 4.5 Gold. Any of those three options would be perfect for me but I'm open to whatever they have to offer.

I approximate at 30 days a month, to get 9 Gold (9,000 silver) per month, I need to swipe for 300 silver/day (which I can easily get within an hour on a normal day). I try to shoot for that as my min target daily. If I'm riding a hot streak, I just keep swiping. I figure at this pace, it'll pay for whatever plan/PAYG I end up with and hopefully slowly bank up for a device upgrade periodically.

How much time on average does it take to earn 9000 silver? A few hours if ads are plentiful. Just watch a couple of movies whilst swiping. It could take a week or even two if times are hard. It took me an hour the other day to earn 9000 silver. It varies a lot. Swipe when times are good and leave it when bad. It could take you no time at all if you have referrals. I gain more than 9000 silver a month from referrals usually.

It also depends what you are doing. I wouldn't recommend sitting there for an hour doing nothing but swiping!! I usually swipe while watching a movie so the swiping isn't any extra time at all.

1000 silver = 1 gold that is all

20 silver = 1 min/mb. It should be that 1 gold is about $1 in this new cellnuvo era but the exact redemption rates have yet to be announced.

you aint sound alright. lol
gold is much more valuable than silver.

As I suspected, CellNUVO makes little sense for me for cell service. If I want free data, I can use freedompop. If I want free calling and texting, I can use Xfinity Mobile.

I can only see that all that swiping makes sense for buying a phone.

What is the redemption rate for buying a phone?

Since no phone has been offered for purchase with silver/gold, no one knows.

Unlimited rollover and low PAYG rates make CellNUVO a good fit for a great many.

I think that Verizon glove compartment phones will be a popular use of CN.

If I can't earn 4,000 silver per hour I usually don't bother.

I usually swipe while watching TV or riding in the car, so it's a good use of idle time, especially since we travel a lot.