What's the largest "number-match" "match-all-pot" winning amount so far?

This game can be fun, I wonder what the largest payout has been so far?

My guess.. about 2000 silver.

Just got a first win and got 616 pt.

Just got a 1005 pointer.

Would be awesome to get 2000...

I've seen 1612. Highest I've won was 1353.

I was swiping as fast as I could last night when I saw the counter go above 1800. No joy for me, though.

Doesn't matter how fast you swipe.

Sir, I have a army of shipping cat's

I think the highest I got was 1000 silver (one dollar). I've won maybe 7 times but that was the highest.

Won a 1900 one tonight. Getting closer to $2!

I haven't won one since the first day.

I can't figure out how I can get "the last game has ended" only 15 or 20 seconds apart. I don't care how short your ads are, there's no way to match 3 or 4 numbers in 15 seconds.

I suspect that someone has figured out a hack.

I have won a few but none that high. Keep swiping for that 2K.

I have had several games that lasted over a minute, maybe the time of day effects the duration due to more or less swipers.

or could be that the timer is reduced to limit payout. More operant conditioning.


Yes I’ve noticed it is considerably harder to win these past two days. I only won a couple a day. Never the smaller games. Some are getting numbers really fast. Probably due to their location. Cellnuvo needs to take location out of the game and give everyone an equal chance of winning.

You watch one or two ads and the game is over. Or you sit there with one number left getting ad after ad ... and someone swoops in and wins.

At least ads for me have been pretty constant since yesterday. No dry periods. Making plenty of silver with the swiping.

So help me understand:

If the numbers are 8 9 1 and someone gets an 8, does that get marked off for everyone or just the person who got the 8?

Everyone has the same board 8 9 1 but we get different numbers after each ad. So if you get an 8 only your board gets 8 marked off. Others may get their own 8 or a totally different number.


So how can someone match all of the numbers in only 15 seconds, then?

Same here. It's nice that the ads have been more constant, especially now that I'm down to only one swiping phone (I installed the new version of the CN app on my old 4.1.2 phone, and now absolutely nothing is crediting... oh, well, or as @lexusl21 might say, SIGH :slight_smile: ).

They must have Magic Fingers (does anybody else remember those in the old 1960s motels? :slight_smile: ).

When hoping to win bingo, it's definitely an advantage to get static ads. I've been surprised how fast turnover is, and how fast (sometimes) that pot builds back up.
If not a hack, possibly a bug that sometimes doesn't reset your matches when a new game starts?

I've won 2 pots: roughly 350 on my second day, and 180 a day or 2 ago.