What's the cheapest price I can get an iPhone SE?

Long story short, phone fell in water, rice didn't work.
I want to get an iPhone SE, with or without contract is fine. I just want to spend as little as possible in total.
No internet needed - I have a hotspot.
Unlimited text would be good but not mandatory.
Minutes can be under 200. I call most people with Freetone anyway.
Thanks a lot!

Take a look at Xfinity mobile. Unfortunately you missed their $200 per phone sale, but maybe they'll run something on Black Friday.

You'll have unlimited talk and text. No cost except taxes.

$150 and it should work with CN Red Pocket AT&T GSM service


That's a good price. Note that if you get an Xfinity device, it will be unlocked or unlockable with no strings attached.

If reliable service is important, then stay away from CellNUVO.

Just curious, is it refurbished?

New but locked to ATT and its mvnos

What if I want to use the phone in another country? Will it be unable to work?

If you mean you want to swap to an international sim then no it will not work. You'd need an unlocked one for that. If you att plan includes international roaming it will work.

Unlock for $1.50?

Slickdeals members have reported successfully unlocking the phone with $1.50 eBay unlocking codes.


Total Wireless version for $99!