What you may have missed in today's crazy news

  1. Trump attempts Quid Pro Quo with America

Trump actually tweeted out that he will veto any bill to help individuals, families and businesses until the election. He says he will pass a bill if he wins.

In other words, he is indicating that if he doesn't win, there will still be no help until after Jan 20 2021.

So he is blackmailing the American people with the threat that they will suffer unless they elect him.

  1. Facebook deleted a covid misinformation page put up by Trump and has also decided to ban QAnon

Zuckerberg is now preparing for a Democratic Presidency, House & Senate by creating some last minute evidence that he did the right thing during the Trump shitshow.

Trump is now desperate. Trump knows that the more it looks like he is losing, the more his quid pro quo backers (Putin, Saudi, UAE, Turkey, Israel, Facebook) will abandon him. In Texas, even John Cornyn has spoken out against Trump to try and save his ass.

Expect to see some even crazier shit up until Nov 3 and even after. As I write this, Trump is declassifying everything to do with the Russia investigation and Hilary's emails to create as much fodder and misinformation as possible. Expect to see new made up stuff about the Bidens as well as Kamala Harris. Expect to see revelations by Rudy Giuliani. Expect to see an announcement that Israel and Saudi Arabia are at peace and that it was all because of Trump. There is no bottom to how low he will go.

Sad for everyone involve! Trump acts like Hitler in his final days as allied forces were closing in!

Stephen Miller has coronavirus. I did "notsee" that coming.

You may also have missed the following:

Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein were unhappy that the government attorneys were not separating all children from their parents. Sessions and Rosenstein instructed them to take away all children, no matter how young. Attorneys were alarmed when breastfeeding babies were separated.

100 children are still alone. At least 6 have died.

This is your "pro life" party folks.