What will happen to free plan's credit?

Ok, you have to watch ads, print coupons, or do surveys to maintain your free plan, and your rewarded credits will be applied to your phone bill at the end of each billing cycle, so does this mean that your credits have a shelf life of one month only?

From FAQs:

"How do my Rewards credits get applied? How can I use them?
Earned FreeUP Rewards Credits are automatically added to your Rewards Credit account balance. At the beginning of each new billing cycle, your Rewards Credits will automatically be applied to that month's service. Any remaining balance is charged to your credit card. If your Rewards Credit Balance exceeds the cost of your plan, the extra credits will remain in your account balance and can be applied to the next month's service or use to purchase add-ons like additional 4G LTE data or International Calling.

Will my reward credits ever expire?
Reward Credits will not expire as long as you maintain an active FreeUP Mobile subscriber account. Any reward credits you have earned but not redeemed will remain in your account until you redeem them. If your FreeUP Mobile account is suspended (due to non-payment) you have 30 days before the account is deactivated. Any earned Rewards Credits in a deactivated account are permanently lost."

***Hopefully what is stated above also applies to the free plan, and I should know in 5 days when my account renews what's up with the earned credits---gone or still there.