What types of NEW games would you like to see

It seems that Tom feels the game format is working to get Cellnuvo's name known. Tom has made it known in the past that he likes our suggestions.

What type of suggestions for NEW GAMES would you have? What would you like to play?

  1. Hangman type of game Spelling out a advertiser. Such as Monopoly, United, American Airlines, ect.

Well, if I may put in my two cents' (aka 20 CN silvers' :slight_smile: ) worth, I'd prefer to just keep the same games that are going now, and apply whatever re$ource$ would have gone into any new games towards larger jackpots for the existing ones. My rationale is the same but on a much smaller scale as lottery jackpots -- the bigger they are, the more players they attract!

Quite frankly I have had enough of the games. I must have contributed over $100 to the prize pot over the past 3 months or so and have won about $5. I have no idea who is swimming in winnings but it isn't me.

I'd rather we get 20 silver ads rather than 15 silver ads plus 5 silver into the prize pot. That way we all win with every ad.

I'd be okay keeping split the pot since that is only the first 20. But new games? No thanks. How about giving us 240 silver to print a coupon a day? Or loyalty bonuses for heavy swipers and those who have earned a ton of gold (and therefore revenue for cellnuvo!)

Although I agree with what you said.

Tom has made it quite clear to me. That they like the games. They feel it has been successful.

It was quite clear to me. They are doubling down on games in next update.

So if you can not beat them. Why not give Tom some ideas for games.

Maybe multi split pot per day? Like 2 or 4?

I'd like to see lottery games on CN. Invest 1 Gold for a chance to win 100 or more Golds depending on the numbers of people join in the pots! Lottery can be fun and quite popular with a lot of people.

Nice idea.

Would be nice if they had real prizes like a phone or accessories and things as well. Or more interesting prizes like 20% extra silver per ad swiped for a year or redeem gold for 2 phones in a year instead of 1.

Allow gold to be redeemed for prepaid debit cards. Expand the value of gold earned and let users spend their earnings the way they want. Get rid of all the Amazon hoop jumping and redemption limitations.

Is that a type of game?

After the first 20 of the day, every x amount of ad swipes gets you another split the pot entry.

I kind of like this one, as long as it gets you another entry without growing the pot. Encourages additional swiping.

I liked lexusl21's suggestion of a hangman variant for the match-all game, too.