What Sim card works With TextNow?

I found this and think KentE is right:


Ok I will give all my friends and I update on my moto e2 in textnow.

First, it turns out that my wifi itself with Verizon is very weak so I could not do an prl update. After I turned on my FreedomPop data, the Moto e2 finished activation in 10 seconds. So now I got a valid Sprint number and a textnow number.

Second, the Sprint signal is too weak in my shelter and I can't use it to make phonecall at all. This means it is a VoIP over Sprint network rather than real voice. I can make an outgoing call and the receipent phone will ring, but the Moto e2 only makes beep beep.... Beep beep.... Beep beep sound.. on the screen it says signal too weak and trying to reconnect.... So it is not working.

Third, on the left top of the Moto e2 screen it say chameleon and it constantly tells me to sign into network... So very annoying.

Conclusion, it is another piece of crap for people in my neighborhood, which is very poor.


Glad to hear you got it activated, H-H!

The chameleon issue seems to show up on a few phones. Around the time of your Moto E2, Sprint provided phones through the various providers that had only a 'generic' software, with the overlay for the particular vendor (Boost, Sprint Prepaid, etc.) to be overlaid when the phone was activated on the vendor network. Yours, like many in this forum, were never activated on any of the intended vendors. Most of the time, it's not a problem at all, and the phone continues to say 'chameleon' for network, but not object to it. I don't know why TextNow activation seems to cause this to flare up on some phones, but several folks have commented on it with phones of a similar vintage.

Sorry to hear that you don't have adequate signal strength where you are sheltering! Perhaps, when we all get to move around more, you can get some use of it in other locations.

I am going to take it to another town and see.

Hey, Hawg:

Thanks for the update on your activation adventure.

Did you ever set up a line on FreeUP? I would think that AT&T signal would be pretty strong just about anywhere.

Hi Beautiful

  Yes I have a freeup line but now it is down to 250 minutes without data.  I am looking at textnow as a backup in case freeup is gone.

  Interestingly, my textnow phone cannot make an outgoing phonecall because of the "mobile data is weak, reconnecting" problem.  But, it can receive a phone call and the voice is clear enough because "mobile data is excellent".  In the same chair in the same room. Why why why?

 I also want to use Hangouts and Google voice with the textnow phone but neither works.


Since you've got your SIM and activation issues resolved, let's continue this conversation in the FreeUP section.