What next for cellnuvo?

Request: Don't make this thread about me personally. Thank you.

It seems that most people have now seen through cellnuvo.

There is no infinite plan. No redemption for phones as promised a long time ago. Problems redeeming on their carrier partner for full priced plans. No iOS app. No valid explanation why redemptions are not going through for the big 4. No sign of any Amazon redemption option. There was a BS relaunch with middle school marketing skills to try to get people swiping. There have been fake reviews on the google play store a few of which have now been removed.

So what was this about and what next?

What the relaunch may have been about was something required to keep investors happy and the funding continuing as well as a real (albeit poor (but that is in keeping)) attempt to recruit new swipers. New swipers would mean new revenue and for a period of time, no attempted redemptions. Meanwhile, the old swipers can simply be abandoned.

Can they succeed by getting enough gullible new recruits tempted by new promises of redemption anywhere and everywhere? Remember, new recruits will be unaware of the broken redemption promises of the past which is why it was so important to bump up the play store rating.

What do you think will happen next?

It will drop dead

How would they get new recruits? I've tried signing up for a new account, & I was presented with an roadblock impossible to overcome. I predict that, unless the new recruit signup path changes, they will recruit exactly zero new recruit.

Unless of course you've discovered a way for a new recruit to sign up that I haven't. In that case, kudos to you!

They stated that someone new could use the referral code “free” after downloading the app.

December 31 is THE date. Everybody (99.9%) is still on the infinite plan. After the 31st nuvo stated no more $5 cell nuvo plan with redpocket. So most will be without service. So everything needs to be fixed and up and running by December 31st

Excellent point.

But I suspect that service will still be working for days if not weeks after Dec 31st. Red Pocket give subscribers the opportunity to top up before cutting them off.

Also bear in mind that customers not redeeming gold is not a problem for cellnuvo.

Everybody (99.9%) is still on the infinite plan? Where did you get this? It is more likely that now 99.9% have no service at all.

My suggestion:
Become relevant & present for your remaining users, or...be gone altogether.

Also, changing subjects in response to the reply above mine:
Please, will someone tell me, where do I find info about & how to get onto the $5 cellnuvo plan with redpocket - and does it also have the verizon roaming included as Twigby does ??


I also know another who had a $20 tmobile payment go through and a successful $10 redpocket essential plan top up.

So while there are various people having issues as you can see there are quite a few who have had successful payments and several on the $10 essential plan. There are a number on here who are quite vocal having issues and most of those seem to be because their lines were expired before this new system came into effect (due to no fault of their own).

Those not having issues aren't making a lot of noise about it. There are still a lot of problems and I am angry at a few things myself. But things have gotten a bit better this month.

(to the OP) It turns personal because it is the same person who has no interest in cellnuvo trying to make things sounds worse than it is. What is your problem? Feeling left out?

Interesting indeed:


My CN phone has been a very nice paperweight for a while now & at this very minute I'm at about 20 minutes hold time trying to reach RP customer service (will hang up or run out of battery soon...).

I've replied to this thread simply because I'd like to get some usage out of my credit there & RP is the only viable option - that is, IF it is actually viable ?!?

Also have these pages open, waiting for assistance if any will show up:


And that last page refuses both my available CDMA phone's info...very curious indeed.

Sorry that was directed to the OP.

Redpocket now gets a very firm 'meh'.
After 35 minutes of icky hold music listening, finally a rep answered.
He has a very strong foreign accent and denies the existence of anything pertinent to CN users switching over.

10 minutes later - still waiting with no helpful info...hopefully I can conclude this adventure in futile time waste before the phone battery ends it for me...whilst now listening to screaming children in the background - then after providing the phone's info to the outsourced rep - he hung up on me.

Conclusion: RP sucks for support.

And now=>
Feeding the hungry puppy here is much more important than trying to handle such an impossible situation;
I only wish that I could reclaim the 45 minutes of my life that RP just stole from me, for no useful return.
Once again I say...Meh.

Yes I don't particularly find redpocket customer service to be all that good. Chat is better than the phone support though. Nobody really knows much about cellnuvo at redpocket so you are unlikely to get far and cellnuvo support isn't good either. Oh well.

Not 100% sure (I have neither a CellNUVO nor Red Pocket account), but I don't think Red Pocket includes roaming regardless of which network you select. Hey... you could always call their customer service and ask! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I believe this is the definitive answer for you:


Seriously, very few MVNOs offer roaming -- I think someone mentioned Ting in another thread but not sure about that, either. Besides, their rates are higher so you will probably be better off sticking with Twigby.

...and now, back to the topic... prognosticators, step right up!

No roaming on redpocket. Yes it is just ting, boost/virgin and twigby that offer roaming on verizon. Maybe there is another out there.

You probably should already be on the $5 infinite plan if you didn't do anything. But the $5 infinite plan ends at the end of the year. You'll need to move to the $10 plan if you want to carry on the line. To do that get your redpocket account number via redpocket chat or sign up for a free online redpocket account. Then with the latest app try to pay your redpocket bill for $10 and keep your fingers crossed.

for those who have a mismatch number, you found a fake issue, a fake solution, a fake act, and a fake hope. I will say your app number won't be changed before your redpocket number is lost, then the same bs will persist.

btw it is absurd to assume that most of those who don't come here have phone service through cellnuvo now.

No one is assuming that. But assuming we are all having problems is equally far fetched. I'm really sorry you and whoever else are having issues. We all know that if a cellnuvo-redpocket issue arises the chances of it getting fixed is pretty slim. It would be nice if cellnuvo came up with some option for those having never ending issues with redpocket. Back to the Tello idea :lol:.

Thanks Mmfacemm & Diedrich_Duo & Other Folks here.

Without the vz roaming, even IF they had decent support (obviously, they don't !!) redpocket is just as useless to me as rotten ting;
Boost/virgin don't exist here at all & straight Sprint is too sparse to be worth bothering with.

Twigby has really got us very well covered.

Maybe I should already be on the $5 RP plan, since I didn't do anything, but they claimed there to be no evidence of anything relating with CN nor the 2 numbers my phone had with them.

None of the baloney offered by CN right now strikes me as being any more useful than rotten ting was, and unless they step up with the supposed Amazon payment option or really shock us all by adding Twigby or Tello to their menu - CN has just been another time waster IMO.

In all the years since AT&T buried all memories of the (once great) CellularOne/Unicell I've been very strongly reminded over & over to NOT trust cellular providers.

That being said, it remains a very pleasant surprise to me that Twigby is delivering as promised - and all without having to fight with them to get it or to not be over-billed or otherwise punished for using their services.

I will just wait & watch as I've been doing & if/when all the CN stuff may just dry up & blow away it will neither surprise nor dismay me in the least.
They haven't stepped up yet so if they ever do then THAT will be a real surprise !!!

Best Wishes to All.

I agree I am not impressed with RedPocket at all. Customer service spotty. No unlimited 2g (spotty) No VZ roaming (Spotty). APN that do not work (spotty)

I am happy with TPO no mess no fuss.

I assume Tello has already seen that they cannot get any payment from CN, so there is no point for them to put any human resource in software modification for a collaboration doomed to fail. After all, most Sprint network paygo users will end up in tello anyway. Tello does not have to act like ting. In other words, don't count your gold eggs for tello transition, but tello is still a good choice!