What meals are you cooking / eating during the holiday season?

We hit up the asian grocery store and got some sushi grade tuna and salmon along with Japanese koshihikari rice.

Made churashi bowls and nigiri. Went well with Riesling from Washington State.

That sounds delicious!

I made pizza, sliced grilled chicken, bacon, and artichoke hearts on Keto-friendly crust for Christmas night.

Last night, we had beef vegetable soup (beef roast, green beans, peas, baby portobello mushrooms) , while starting my wife's project of watching the Star Wars saga in chronological order (rather than by release date). The soup was as delicious as I expected. Episode 1 was better than I remembered, despite some woefully underutilized acting talent and the rather jarring JarJar Binks.

We have a pot of chicken parts simmering for a couple of days, ready to become chicken/sausage/kale soup. The recipe uses half-and-half, and reminds me of Thai soup.

simmering for a couple days? How do you do that, and why simmer for so long? Very curious. TIA.

I barely cook-- but I'm learning a little. (It's one of my Covid projects.) The chicken soup is my wife's project, and she's an excellent cook. My crude understanding-- she's making bone broth, cooking down a couple of pieces of leftover chicken and the carcass that we used for other meals.

One example: How to Make Bone Broth - Minimalist Baker
I'd link to a recipe of the chicken/sausage/kale soup, but I don't know where she got it.

Oddly, the link for bone broth (randomly googled), has a further link for chicken Kale soup. Not quite the one she does, as it's missing the sausage and cream (or half-and-half). We're not really fond of kale in salad, but it works great in soup.

For brunch, we've been enjoying Costco's large croissants. I slice them in half and top one side with a slice of cheese and the other with freshly shaved ham. They then get lightly toasted in a panini press and reassembled.

Quick, simple and really delicious. Even more so with with aeropress black coffee.

just made a burger in my new air fryer. shockingly delicious

New Year's Eve Dinner was braised Lamb Shanks with Potatoes au Gratin and Spinach.

Paired with a Garnacha from Calatayud.

For Midnight, we opened a German Sparkling Wine (Sekt) which was surprisingly good.