What have you received in total Dollar value (since day 1) of joining CellNuvo?

What is the total Dollar value (in purchases) you have received from being a CellNuvo swiper (since day one of joining)?

That is kind of a really personal and private question, just so you know many people may not respond to it...

680 golds

My OP was meant to be a rhetorical question. I hadn't expected any responses.

The obtuse point I was attempting to make was......

Over time, CellNuvo users have done quite well with minimal effort....irrespective of their intermittent slight inconveniences.

Getting something for free always has some cost (e.g., time, effort, forbearance)

When things are going well, posters "gush" about CellNuvo , when there are difficulties, the "end is nigh" comments seem to kick in.

As you avatar might say, "Well!" :slight_smile:

Seriously, I agree with your comments above regarding free stuff. Every individual must decide whether or not the time and effort required to acquire "free" is worth it. In my case, it most certainly has been, at least up to now; time will tell whether it will be worth it to continue with CN, given the challenges inherent with the new version of their app.

According to Tom some make $100 or more a month. If they were here from the start 2 years now that would be $2,400+.