What happens to port-outs that don't finish before the deadline?

I just found something today on the RingPlus forums that is good news for those of us still waiting for ports to complete. (My three port-outs to Tello are still in "Porting in" status.) A Ting employee with the ID "ParaicTing" is assuring everyone that the ports to carriers other than Ting will be completed by Ting if not by RingPlus:

So I'm breathing a bit easier about my pending ports with Tello. Anyone who wants to see the original messages I quoted can go to page 15 of the thread here: https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/11476/ting-ringplus/p15

Thanks Widsith.

I would also expect that if there are any issues post Feb 11, Ting support will be there to help.

My phone just kept working, including data and tethering.

I spent more than a week past the deadline trying to port or cancel one line that seemed to be stickier than the others.

I eventually got it ported to Tello, but it kept working without interruption.