What email app do you use?

I'm very particular about the email app I use. I just can't find one I really like.

I used to like the native ios app actually but they changed it a bit in ios 11 and now has large headings at the top and a search bar that gets in the way.

On android I used to be happy with Cloud magic but then they changed to a $50 a year subscription package instead of being free (now called newton mail). I like the LG email app but can't load it on my non LG phones. I really just want something fairly simple. I hate conversation view, photos for the contacts, lots of unnecessary options and information, no ads.

So what email apps do you use/recommend? Android or Ios.

I've been trying out one called WPS mail that I mostly like but I am getting a bit paranoid about security with that one.

I've been using GMail for years on both ios and Android, along with GV , Hangouts, Google photos, as well as G+. I probably like it because that is all I have used, apart from a stint with Yahoo mail as a backup.

On android, if you like an all in one email client that's able to be synced to many devices without having to set up each time, try Typeapp.