What did you snag during Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Cyber Week?

Here's my list:

  • 27 inch iMac (2017 model)
  • 2 x Memory foam mattresses
  • 3 x office chairs
  • Target gift cards
  • Computer monitor
  • Air Fryer

Not only were most of these on sale, but I got 10% extra cashback on my credit cards on most of the above.

I was tempted by the Essential phone and the free 360 degree camera but eventually applied my rule to not buy things I wasn't originally looking to buy and being tempted mostly by pricing. Besides, I took a look at the phone in person and didn't like it much. The iPhone X on the other hand I was impressed by.

I was also looking to buy a 4k TV but couldn't get a good enough deal on any model that I wanted.

Still not too late, 10% off Target gift card plus 5% off Target Red to get something from Target. Moto G5 Plus retails at $180, so becomes $154 plus tax.

redcard discount doesn’t work on giftcards

This with that revolving 5% discover card works for 10% + 5%

No double stacking, bummer. Good to hear on Discover.

I used to really like target the way they used to let you pay $0.01 with your redcard and the rest with giftcards and you would still get the 5% off everything.

Now you just get 5% off what you pay with your redcard. Which makes gift cards far less valuable.

Still 10% is better than 5%. and if you can get more with discover then even better

Yes I got the max $300 Target gift card and put it on my Discover which is giving me another 10% back, so a 19% discount all up.

I also got the minimum $50 gift card a while earlier again with 10% cashback but more importantly it gave a 20% one time code for use before Dec 10. The Discover 10% stacks on top of that to give an overall 28% discount.

Will just use the $350 gift card balance during 2018 on everyday purchases.